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  1. Anonymous says:

    Update: faith has nothing to do with your decision when it comes to this judge;
    It’s bad when your representative tells you before you go to your hearing that your chances with this judge isn’t good, Sad after you have waited 4 years to get a hearing disability said you were disabled as of 2014 but you were trying to get your work credets amended to 2013 because you were disabled then and needed the one work credet to get your monthly check… sad world we live in you work your life and when you are unable to work at 53…ptsd depression 2 knee replacements L5disc bulge fibromyalgia and other health issues… was found disabled by social security but he wouldn’t amend one work credet…that was just to much for someone who worked and earned it to ask for….judge kilbane God provided he always has… and I don’t have faith in the system but I do have faith in God…. I will appeal….

  2. Betty S Fuller says:

    I don’t pre judge anyone. That’s a gift my parents taught me as a child. I get nervous reading the reviews but I always have faith. I can only hope that he sees what I feel and my daily struggles through his eyes and if he does that’s than that’s all I can ask..is a honest chance…my hearing is on the 31st of this month. Bipolar Anxiety Ptsd 2 knee replacements on my( L ) leg herniated disk in my back due to a bad knee replacement that only last 2 years and had to be taken back out. Broke my leg when they removed it now have plate and screws… constant pain leg hip and back…. walk with a can… I have faith….. Betty Fuller

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you read the appeal cases on his denials you see that sometimes at say step 3 he is found to have properly applied SSA rules in a case and the plaintiff is wrong, so from this you gather he knows how to apply SSA rules. But in other cases say at step 3 it is found that he has not properly applied SSA rules according to the appeals council. Why does he properly apply SSA rules in some cases but not in others? He obviously knows how to because the appeals process says he has done it properly. Why does he properly apply SSA rules in some cases but not others? Is he allowed to pick and choose?

  4. hesasadsack says:

    Outliers are investigated by SSA at 25%. He is just above outlier status at 28% approvals. He also has enough cases overturned on appeal to make his credibility questionable in my opinion.

  5. homer says:

    i have had a few hearings with him and he’s not as bad as the other guy says but he doesnt say much. just makes his decisions. i dont mind the fact he doesnt say much but he is pretty conservative. there are worse ones for sure

  6. sword of dam says:

    he is without question the most insulting least engaged judge there is anywhere. i have had dozens of cases with him and he almost always ASKS NO QUESTIONS AND BARELY LOOKS UP at the claimant. this is on top of his ultra conservative views (remember this is a government employee doing this who has everything paid for by uncle sam). I have had about 30 hearing with this poor excuse for not only a (chief?)judge but a human being.

    i have had at least 2 heatings where he completely-i mean totally.. distorted the evidence and ignored long repeated periods of mental confinement to put forth a hypothetical that denied a seriously mentally ill client of mine.

    another case 55 yr old 35 yr worker at one plant with fusions on neck back and multiple repetitive surgeries for running jackhammer for years. on top of this, he has a breakdown when he lost his teenage son. the file complete with attempts to place him and do the best he could. not one question from this jerk. not one. summary denial..astonishing…..
    i dont know ** he got to be chief judge but his propensity not not only to deny every possible case but to distort the evidence to try to erase facts from the record makes this guy the jerk of all jerks. one day when he lays down he will have to face how he treated everyone in his life..and just on my cases alone, this guy will need all the luck he can get.

    this is but an example of many cases i have had with him. if you want to know whats wrong with this country, look at his face. there is absolutely no excuse for this guy. i have been doing this practice for over 20 yrs…if you want to be tight, ok..but dont distort the record…i can honestly say this about only one judge in my 25+ yr career but its true: I have no respect for this guy as a human being, nor do i wish to live on the same street as this jerk.

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