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  1. Anonymous says:

    This man is a joke….Smart ***..pays no attention to case or Dr comments…if he denies file a complaint against him with the SSA..

  2. Betty Abbott says:

    I am so scared to death, i go before this judge in less than 24 hrs. I am so hoping to get a favorable decision. I suffer with a very disabling rare neuropthy. I also have 6 mental health issues, on top of needing surgery on my right shoulder. I haven’t been able to afford proper medications that i so desperatly need for almost a year now. I have prayed and asked everyone for prayers for me. I really need this so i can get the proper help i need.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry excuse of a judge… appears not to be concerned did not listen got attitude with attorney.. if you get him plan on filing with appeals council and file a complaint against him…maybe he will have a disability himself so he can see how it feels

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is more concerned about his rating than anything…Dr. info and ssi doc along with voc rehab.. in agreement but he is not concerned…at all more concerned about rating was contacted about filing a complaint but attorney said it would cause me problems because system is not fair and coruption is in system like all parts of goverment just keep fighting but he has not lost everything he has worked for denied because I am educated …what goes around comes around..

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