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  1. Steve says:

    This is an unfair Judge. He makes up facts that are not in the record. He goes out of his way to deny people that should win. I have probably appeared in front of at least 50 different judges I distrust him. He is not going to view the evidence objectively. He is biased in favor of denial. I think this the best job he has ever had and he wants job security. What better way than to deny people.

  2. Mikey says:

    Has anyone had a positive experience with this judge?

  3. Mike says:

    Has anyone had a positive experience with this judge?

  4. Danny says:

    This judge is insensitive and cold. He has no compassion for humans suffering. He treats everyone before him as thieves and liars. My husband is suffering from congestive heart failure, no Doctor will release him to work. Judge Henry ripped him apart, ridiculed him and humiliated him . He is the wrong judge to sit and review these type of cases.

  5. Penny Lane Best says:

    Judge Henry is focusing more on what Social Security would want him to do than what he should be doing as a impartial judge. He has made more mistakes, and not any more than Judges elsewhere, they have all been warned, I’m sure to not really accept other disabilities than those that are completely dire, and keep denying others that aren’t visually dire and forcing them to reapply. I think he’s trying to use his own weeding out method, unfortunately what is happening is that he’s missing the mark. I should not have been denied. I know this. He made mistakes, many. Now, here I sit in a wheelchair with massive back injuries after a fall AGAIN that broke both my legs and have nerve pinched in spine or nerve damage in my legs. You see they were only looking at what my Doctors were say, yet how many times we all know our doctors aren’t now correctly putting into our medical records what we say and are discussing with them. There is something now right about healthcare, some deep in the core of it. The government we voted in is corrupt, no doubt, and the judicial system is the same, which includes federal departments. I speak this and type while my hands are burning and aching from arthritis and carpal tunnel, because Judge Henry’s mistake on only accepting what doctors thinks is like telling a Murder suspect is free to go because there wasn’t anything written in their file. Hmmm, let’s think about that. Maybe they never got caught…. Look, personally, I’m sure he is a fine man, however our lives are in the hands of these Judges who don’t see between the line. I loose my balance anywhere any time and fall and break bones. That is just the outcome of my medical conditions. My spine is ready to give out. I’ve been work hard since I was 13 yrs old. I know it’s because denying us means they do not have to put our for back pay. Think about it. If ALL of us were approved who right deserve it and we’ve been fighting and appeal for 2-4 yrs; that’s a lot of money…Yeah I was so upset I chopped all my hair off…I got so depressed that just a few days ago I’m finally coming out of it and my hearing was in May…

  6. Steph says:

    This judge is rude and doesn’t let you or your attorney speak I have not been able to work for four years, he has a bad judgement.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who knew that recurrent breast cancer resulting in a bilateral mastectomy is not a condition likely to cause more than a minimal impact on a person’s ability to work a job?

    Why, Judge Bryan Henry, that’s who.

    You can’t even accept that recurrent bilateral breast cancer is a severe impairment? A double mastectomy? Just work through that stuff, eh?

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