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  1. Tracey Stover-Bray says:

    I don’t like what he did there is no anger or bitterness just love I will pray for him you see he might not believe you may make life harder for you but I choose love maybe it will make him fair I don’t know ? God gave me the grace to love so my prayer for him is to have joy and peace from God. I love you Judge Bryce Baird because you are a child of Christ I pray you are I’m a child of Christ and Jesus is love !

  2. John Dettelis says:

    For anyone leaving this man a favorable comment ….I will find it more credible if you were not attempting to remain anonymous.
    I had a hearing before him and his demeanor was atrocious . He is incompetent as a administrative law judge
    Go back to school mr baird . Please get re trained so you can make informed and ethical decisions. I will appeal your nonsense . I will prove that you have no business being in your position .
    Maybe you can apply as a lunchroom monitor. There are some 40,000 positions by your own admission . I was not a skilled laborer for my entire working career only to be insulted by you from the safety and comfort of the office that we the people provide you with our tax dollars . . You are a complete and total insult o every hard working American. Please step down you incompetent slug of a man . No insult meant to slugs .

  3. John Dettelis says:

    This judge is in his own silly world of stupidity. I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and approved ssd in 2016 from 2014 AND 2015. I WENT BACK TO WORK ANYWAYS . In 2016 I suffered a horrible neck injury on the job . Had 3 discs replaced and a plate installed to hold them in place …I was and still am 100% disabled .
    On January 24 ,2018 i had cervical neck surgery . I did not help my situation .
    On February 16, 2020 …I had THREE massive heart attacks . I was supposed to be receiving ssd but they never sent the money they were supposed to send ….instead of the 1300 per month i received 44 dollars…per month . Barely enough to by milk or toilet paper.
    Finally have a hearing before mr . Baird and he denies ALL forms of documentation and medical facts concerning my disabilities and takes away any and all forms of common sense when it comes to making a rational ,informed decision based on documentation and medical fact .
    He seems to think I can return to work as a lunchroom monitor , even though I am highly sensitive to florescent lights as they are a known trigger for seizures, he seems to want to deny me for carple tunnel syndrome , even though that was never , ever mentioned during the hearing , nor was it ever a symptom of my . . The reason I cannot feel to grip thing is due to the severe nerve damage from my neck injury . Again , plenty of medical fact to support that.
    As far as the heart attacks go….well …I can only hope he suffers one massive heart attack to become more familiar with the terror that you live with , not to mention the depression for the the rest of your days. This man is argumentative, malicious, corrupt, unethical, and above all flat out stupid .

  4. John Dettelis says:

    This judge is hostile, and very biased . He was unfair and did not listen to facts , nor did he acknowledge the docmumentation that supported the medical facts that are overwhelming in my case . Lower back injury , 3 cervical neck discs replaced and a plate , from 2016 onset date of injury. 3 massive heart attacks and 9 stents to keep me alive during emergency surgery . Depression followed and still is prevalent.
    This incompetent man who is supposed to be fair …was not only unfavorable in his decision …his statements were totally incorrect , his accusations were completely unethical and unprofessional and he picked a random date out of thin air for my original on set date of injury. Even thought there is medical documents and doctors to prove my injury was in 2016…this guy picked the sate of february 6, 2019 …some three years after the injury occurred and I was no longer capable to engage in any kind of employment . He also took away benefits from my children , one of which has cerebral palsy . This man is corrupt and unfair . I believe he is racist and a true coward in every sense of the word. Rise up against belligerent judges like this one . Nonsense decision from a malicious man who is a complete insult to we the people .
    We are now forced to appeal because my lawyer is to scared to file a motion against him and stop this nonsense. I tried contacting the critical case unit 9nly to never hear back from them and me and my family are forced to suffer more for another year while we wait for this horrible decision to be corrected . This man has arbitrarily picked a FALSE date and created a new record without ANY documentation or fact to support his decision and ,meanwhile he has denied the documentation and facts that were put right under his nose . He seems to think that I can go become a lunchroom monitor now. I kid you not . You truly are ridiculous and absurd mr. Baird . I say it with conviction. This man should recuse himself from my case .
    By the way , I was already approved for social security disability and they were supposed to begin paying me way back in 2019….they never did. Meanwhile , my family and myself suffer at the hands of a public servant who is corrupt and cannot add or subtract properly . Bravo mr. B.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fair, objective and took the time to hear the evidence in the case.

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