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  1. David says:

    Judge Moore was very pleasant and handle the hearing well even if my appeal is denied I must say he made me feel comfortable and relaxed and he paid attention

  2. Appalled says:

    On my denial letter, Moore stated that he agreed with my testimony and my witness letter on everything, but denied my case based on WILLIAM JOSEPH DUBIN’S assessment, a man indicted for “Medicaid Fraud” along with his son!! I never even met William Joseph Dubin but he said since I was able “to make eye contact” and actually school smart, he disputed all my claims. Seriously, on God. I was denied based on “Eye Contact” based on a guy who never met me, and again, indicted for Medicaid fraud.
    As the judge, you should have actually believed in your own judgement. Not gone against what you “said” you believed to be true, to choose the opinion of someone indicted on using people’s innocent unwell CHILDREN to commit “Medicaid Fraud” in Austin, TX. Seriously, Google it.
    Anyone in his position who uses children to commit fraud isn’t well themselves and shouldn’t be trusted to give an honest opinion on anyone else.

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