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  1. Ben priest says:

    It’s not scary at all, thank for you time.

  2. Heather says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Prinsloo on 9/28/17 in Seattle, WA he is no longer in St. Louis. Here it is 1/11/18 and still no decision. I am very upset by this. I called Seattle ODAR the other day and they said it has been in unassigned writing since 10/6/17. Since approvals take priority and denials are harder to write my guess is that it is a denial as it has been sitting waiting to be written for 3 months. I am very distraught and i find this practice of approvals being written up first to be completely disrespectful to those denied. They should be written in order recieved the approvals should NOT take priority as their fight is over and the denials need to figure out their next move… Appeals Council? New Application? Look for a job they probably won’t get and IF they did wouldn’t be able to keep? Or give up and kill themselves cause at least their kids would be able to collect survivor’s benefits? FYI i am NOT suicidal i am just listing it as an option. So, you may ask why did she give this judge 5 stars? I won’t judge someone based on their approval or denial of me… I haven’t recieved a letter so technically i am not denied YET. Plus the other stuff of me waiting forever and approvals taking priority is all bureaucracy and not necessarily in his control. Whether i get a denial or by the grace of God an approval I am rating him with 5 stars for his court mannerisms… He was respectful and listened. So thank you Judge Prinsloo for your time both in court and out working on my case. It can’t be easy having a job deciding someone’s fate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This man is doing a disservice to people who are really in need and in dire situations, he ignores or overlooks many things that are of benefit to the claimant including VE testimony, letters from a claimants treating physician/specialist whose body of work includes peer reviewed publications in his area of expertise,and medical records that include dozens of hospitalizations for an incapacitating illness.
    Some ALJ’s were only hired, it seems to reduce the back log of cases and are simply on a mission to dispose of cases and doing a shoddy job of it and in the process disregarding the SSA rules, and putting valid claimants lives in jeopardy and causing undue pain and suffering to them and their families.
    37% award percentage is disturbing, disgusting and shows a callous disregard for life and human decency.
    Is there an unspoken contest to see who gets the most remands, or Federal circuit court Judge reversals?
    Or maybe the NHC’s should stop making these ALJ’s drive to the hearings in remote locales, perhaps they would be in a better mood and frame of mind in order to serve the public like they should, instead of taking it out on them.

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