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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Judge McDaniel. My husband was scared to death about a phone hearing and having no lawyer… but Judge McDaniel took her time, listened to him, heard his struggles.. just 18 days after the hearing she found him disabled. Onset date 6/6/19 , the day he survived a massive heart attack.

  2. Ann Martin says:

    I recently had a hearing with judge McDaniel and my experience was a good one I was nervous at first but went away pretty quick. I have not received a answer from her yet but I thought she was very nice and listened to me and my lawyer I hope I get a decision soon.

  3. Mark Streeter says:

    Only Vote this person as a Judge if Justice is not important too you. I say this cause anytime a Judge who has No medical background can ignore the orders of a Medical Specialist and suggest that a person go against Doctors orders and do things in which the doctor has ordered. Clearly it is not Justice to this. A Judge is just that a Judge not a Medical Professional..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had judge Mcdaniels for a hearing on June 20, 2019 and had a bad experience. This judge didn’t let me speak for myself only when spoken to when questioned. My attorney wasn’t totally prepared and was treated with disrespect from the judge. I had forwarded papers to her about several health issues immediately after the hearing and she did not take them into consideration for her decisions. This hearing is for you to tell about all your health issues and pain and suffering that you had over the past years while waiting for the hearing.

  5. Dottie says:

    I was really nervous going into the hearing. I was told that this judge was a very hard and skeptical judge. She did not at all make me feel uncomfortable, and never was she rude. She was to the point and she seems to look at everything. I have not received my decision yet but I would never speak badly of her either way. These judges don’t know you personally. They have only documented facts to go by. Anyone going through anxiety about your hearing… just be yourself and be honest. The judges won’t bite you. Thank you to all the judges who hear many stories.

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