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  1. Mr. Beshaun C Price says:

    I am so greatful to Judge Shaughnessy for her approving my Soc Sec Disability this time last year. She saw through the negatives of my case & recognized that my set of challenges warranted an approval. I just don’t know where i’d be medically as well as socially if this had not occurred. The income has helped to adjust to a somewhat debilitating situation & now i can purchase all my meds without taking half doses or skipping. As far as i’m concerned Judge Candace Shaughnessy is an angel in disguise. She certainly was an instrument of God’s grace! I shall never stop thanking God enough for her ruling. I wish she & her family the most perfect Christmas a family can have, can i do any less! Thank you for allowing me to share what’s been in my heart for a year now. Happy Holiday!

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