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  1. Melody Pittman says:

    I had my hearing before Watson and my hearing started a hour and 20 minutes late he didn’t asked me any questions about my disability only my work history he didn’t talk to me much at all I believe he knew he was going to deny my claim before it even started and on my decision letter there were false statements that he made the one I liked the most was my condition was being controlled by medicine when I haven’t seen my heart doctor in a year because of no insurance so I would love to know what medicine he was taking about i haven’t had those medications in a long time I TRIED to work a job in 2019 so I could get the money to see that doctor and my medicine and it put me in the hospital for almost 3 days my hearing was nothing but a JOKE and its made my life even worse they make you feel like you’re living in hel or at least I feel like its hell and they don’t CARE

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had been before to a hearing several years ago and it was extremely nerve wracking. I went into this hearing having refiled several years after my last denial as I did as the judge recommended and was unable to successfully work in 2 different types of work environments. I was extremely nervous going into my hearing this time to the point of physically shaking but judge Watson was very nice and calming in the way he conducted the hearing and asking and listening to me and my attorney. He definitely has my respect and although I have just had my hearing before him I feel he will make the right choice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had my hearing before Judge Watson 8/14/19. Everything said here holds true to my experience before him.

    He was very prepared familiar with my file. Very respectful to everyone and listened. He was very patient when I lost my composure and cried.

    For me courtrooms always sound scary but he is calm natured and it helped me be more at ease.

    I too don’t know his decision yet but I left feeling he heard me and my attorney and when he said he would review everything and make a decision I really got the sense he was wise and fair. What more could anyone ask for in a disability judge?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have not received my decision yet but I have to say that Judge Watson maybe the most compassionate judge that I have ever met . He is really engaged during testimony and he listens to every word . If u are lucky to get this judge I would say your chances are probably 50/50 . He has a poker face so u can’t tell one way or the other .

  5. Benjamin Fortner III says:

    I had my court date on 11-6-2014. My attorney and I were well prepared. My doctors record well documented everything we said impaired me mentally and physically. I have not received the judgement at this time. ILJ Carl B Watson was very nice and he had a tremendous amount of respect for my attorney and I. He was well prepared and already had a lot knowledge about me and my disabilities. He deserves all the respect from anyone who goes before him. Thanks Judge Carl B Watson.

  6. NS says:

    There couldn’t be a nicer, understanding, and respectful judge in all of the SS judges. He looked at all of my papers, asked questions, allowed me to explain and in the end wished me the best of luck. If you get him and you are disabled…he will judge you fairly

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very polite and respectful…Decision was made in one month…He made the experience easy. .Best Judge you could have

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above comment.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing in front of this judge on 3-7-2013. I was very nervous going in with not knowing what to expect. I read the reviews on this site and was really scared of going in for my hearing. But I have to say that this judge is very respectful. Although I do not know the decision made on my case, I do not think that there is a better judge that you could want. He was very nice, respectful, prepared, and listened to everything my attorney and I had to say.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very kind man. Well prepared and treats everyone with respect.

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