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  1. ! says:

    The Honorable Carl C. McGhee:
    May GOD, my Arch Angles, the Universe plus all the other Angles and Saints be with you to guide you to posses compassion, the ability to see the ENTIRE/TOTALITY of my medical history, the inconceivable damage this has done to my child, the NIGHTMARE that I live on a daily basis, the knowledge to know that I will NEVER be “normal” and able to seek gainful employment, to see that I have aged 20 yrs. in just 3.; the understanding that putting me “near” a restroom is NOT the answer, to make the correct judgement where all else have FAILED to do, to deem me DISABLED and award myself and my child 3 years of BACK PAYMENT so that I may somehow make since that all of this has been worth the homelessness, loss of almost everything sentimental and of value, inability to provide a Merry Christmas with real presents, repair my credit, pay off the eviction and move forward knowing that at least ONE system works………
    I ask this through painful yet hopeful tears and what’s left of my faith………

  2. tim says:

    he is a fair judge he did me good he dose his job right thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Worse Judge ever!! Do not understand how he can say someone not disabled and when someone was already found disabled 4 years ago. Has more health issues NOW compared to 4 hears ago. Judge McGhee you are WRONG!! You showed ****** towards the client when in your courtroom. To say a person is able to do something that is wrote in medical records for a person NOT to do is wrong!!

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