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  1. Dana says:

    I don’t know if anyone actually read these comments or not but whoever put “that the above information was updated on 12/1/2022” are wrong about that since we have not yet reach that date. It is only 2/28/2022 today.

  2. Tina davis says:

    I just had my hearing with Judge waters on the 5th of May 2021, im hopeful she will see the medical records and grant me SSI.

  3. Coco says:

    Wow….since your denial, which was unjust I have been homeless, my son had to help me get apartment(roach invested) I have a part time job which barely pays the rent. I have applied and sent resume out to hundreds of places…my age is a factor. My food card doesn’t last a month…I was a strong independent woman until my injury and you pushed me to hopeless,depressed and a nothing. You are a terrible person.
    Thank You hope you feel good about yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wept when I read what judge waters said in my denial letter. She took facts and put her own spin on them and threw them in my face. I sincerely hope anyone who needs disability payments does not get this judge. I have so many things wrong with my spine that I have to go to a surgeon who specializes in spines -one of only 5 in the country that will do this 8 hr surgery. Her “states witness” is an 80 yr old retired orthopedic who doesn’t even do spines! He said I should be able to climb a ladder, a rope,scaffolding!? And haul 20 lbs around without a problem. I can stand/sit for 20 min at a time & he said 6-8 hrs is more like it?! She has NO business being a judge

  5. Anonymous says:

    We all must send President Trump a letter explaining how and why Judge Waters should be dismissed.
    Enough unfair comments and letters should do it!
    We must fight for our rights especially if we contributed as a citizen of the USA.

  6. TruthVsLies says:

    Falsify of facts, says things that are not true-forces her self on professional job consultants and states things from her view that were never opioned by the job expert. Relegates an Appeals Council finding of fact to not be considered-reverses their findings-reverses des finding-The case came back for a job expert to complete the process which they did-yet you did not like the results so you reverse the Appeals councel for confirmation of jobs available-no jobs where available. Des factually stated I could not do the job I left-what you do is to undo that and say otherwise-to rule out what the Appleals councel found as significant issues-to render it your way-to steal away the case to be based on your fabricated lies.

  7. Coco says:

    Shame on you Judge Waters. You have no idea the pain I’m in. I worked in the ER so I know how many fakers on SSD. I am not faking and if you read the reports you can see. I worked 35+ years and never received any support including child support. Now when I need the support you are deciding my fate. I have been knocked down several times and got right back up, this time did me in. Now I’m about to be 59 and I’m devastated. You know no one will hire me. I didn’t plan this you can see I have worked since 15 years old. Why pay a “Vocational Expert” if your not going to listen? He said with all my limitations I can not work. I guess the MRI showing 4 disc budge ,protrusion,slit in L4-5 and the height loss plus since first denial I have had Breast Cancer surgery and 2 skin Cancer surgeries,on heavy medication and very depressed! Making a salad or microwave dinner or using a swifter doesn’t mean I’m not in pain! By the way I now have nothing and stay in a room at my son’s house, I don’t do any of that! Pain Management told me to keep body moving.some days I hurt so bad my 5yr old granddaughter rubs me. Dr said I’m always going to be on medication and even surgery wouldn’t help my back. The people who see me often know how I struggle. Like anything good days and more bad days. I heard that most are denied the first time, I must say after all reports you received I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess it was just a flashlight for when I’m homeless.

  8. danny says:

    When did you have your hearing?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I just want to voice my opinion on the Unfavorable decision that was made on my case recently. I want to let you know how disappointed I was when I read your decision. Although, you found my doctors credible in their diagnosis of my disabilities you questioned my character and called me a liar for the answer that I gave you under Oath. While reading this report I find it disturbing because you contradict yourself, your/my doctor’s notes. Ergo, the testimony that I gave to you concerning my day-to-day activities, my health, schooling and simply trying to care for two teenage sons you dismissed it. I have worked for over 35 years, which is on record, not mentioning the years that are not on record. If I were not in pain from day to day sometimes continuously, I would have a job and be working. I believe that everyone has good in them and people try to be fair to the very best of their ability. However, I also know that you really have to consult your higher being when it comes to making decision that could shatter a person’s life. I am sorry that my integrity and character was questionable to you. I thank God that I am a woman who has great Hope in him. Because if I did not I would have been crushed not only from you denying my case but also because you attacked my character by calling me a liar. My hope is that the next person who comes before you that you see and hear them. I believe that you are a fair judge who weighs all the factors in people’s cases to the best of your knowledge. Therefore, my prayer for you is that God gives you more discernment when you make judgments on peoples cases and character. I prayed that because it is a need for all involved in making decisions on people’s livelihoods. Our system is so broken that when honest people who really have issue in theirs lives and they need the system to work for them it does not. I pray that God give you all wisdom and discernment. Thank you for reading.

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