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  1. Kay Moorer says:

    Carla Mcmichael Shaw is one disability judge you do not want presiding over your disability case. She made a huge mistake on the first denial she gave me by not verifying the date. It took two years for this case to get back to her after the Appeals council remanded it. When she received my case the second time she was in a hurry and didn’t want to hear any new evidence. She denied it a second time and blatantly lied a couple of times to support her decision stating that I walked my dog in a trail (when in fact I can barely walk to my mailbox) and she did not consider my vascular doctor medical evidence. I am appalled to say the least. These judges that lie and don’t consider medical evidence need to be held accountable. Shame on you Carla Mcmichael Shaw.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The most unprofessional, unprepared “professional” (I use this terminology loosely) I have ever encountered. She started my hearing 45 minutes late, refused me access to my file, threatened me with a bad judgement for not owning responsibility for her lack of preparation, wasted my time and failed to provide resolution or clarification on a case pending for the last 11 yrs. I wish I could speak directly to her superiors and encourage them to pull the recording from the hearing. She should be fired!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had two hearings in front of ALJ McMichael today under very trying circumstances. My uncle was in ICU, his life hanging on by a thread. I was 5 minutes late for the hearing but had warned all necessary parties. Everything was fine until the ALJ seemed to care about keeping her schedule than being compassionate, a tenant of her job. In between hearing I voiced my displeasure with the lack of professionalism displayed by the ALJ. Mainly, that they can be late for whatever reason they feel necessary, yet I have a life or death situation and they could care less. Well fast forward, she calls me in knowing all of this and not knowing my uncle passed during the first hearing. She then proceeds to bring up the fact I’ve been fired previously as well as question when exactly my uncle died in order to support her nasty attack on me. SHE QUESTIONED DURING WHICH HEARING HE PASSED DURING!! If she as paying attention she would’ve noticed how visibly upset I was simply by the continued use of tissues. This was the most disgusting display of unprofessionalism I have ever witnessed, and from a federal judge. If it were any other profession she would’ve been fired on the spot. She is a nasty, unforgiving, cold, inhumane, and a flat out mean woman. Good luck having your case in front of her.

  4. Greg West says:

    Presenting my case before Judge McMichael was an awesome and educational experience. I have not received my approval or denial letter yet, but I am satisfied with the professionalism she displayed. I did my homework on the appeals process and she really did hers reviewing records. Very thorough Judge.

  5. Melissa Brock says:

    Professional & Knowledgeable Judge and entire Staff!

  6. NA says:

    Excellent judge. Thoroughly reviews claimant’s file before the hearing. Concise and to the point while still being polite, professional and compassionate.

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