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  1. John Doe says:

    This judge is biased and does not consider mental illness as a disability. If she denies you and you appeal it and if it goes back to her she’s 100 percent going to deny you a second time it seems like she does not read nor goes through the medical records. She has no compassion for people with hardships or who have suffered through traumatic experiences. She’s very rude and will interrupt you and/or your representative whenever you’re responding to her questions. Some of her questioning has nothing to do with the case. From the moment I met this judge I got a bad vibe from her it seems like she already made her mind up by just looking at me. I know I’m not the only one she’s treated unfairly. I hope anyone else who has also been mistreated by this judge please file a complaint. A judge like her should not be in power.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m 100 Disabled vet and she’s denied me twice. It seems like she doesn’t even read your records she asks questions that you’ve already answered. If you aren’t physically disabled or if you aren’t a certain age she WILL deny you and that’s a fact and it seems like she does not believe that people have mental issues that affect their ability to work. I’m not even basing my opinion off her approval rating or anything to that matter I’m stating my opinion after meeting with her twice. She’s rude seems like she doesn’t want to be there and that you’re wasting her time even after the job expert guy said there is no work that I can perform due to my disabilities I was still denied. Good luck if you get this judge and are claiming mental illness most likely she’ll deny you your benefits.

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