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  1. Rochelle Myles says:

    I had an hearing with Judge Carol Eckerson on March 9, 2019. I have been through alot appeals and reconsideration. Judge Eckerson listen too my case and my attorney Philips Disability was their. My hearing was the most fairness and awesome. She did an awesome job. Before the end of the day from the Social Security Administration i was granted. Thank you for listening too me. Thank you for taking the time too do considered my pass denials….

  2. Jennifer Sclater says:

    I very much agree with these reviews. You will not find a more fair judge. My case is not a medical denial but much more complex and unique. She did not rush to judge me or give an immediate no because of the obscurity of my claim. Instead, she has taken time to review and make an informed decision.
    I am giving this review pre-decision because I know I will be disappointed if what I’m expecting happens, so I wanted to do this review in all fairness because that’s exactly how Judge Eckersen treated me. She gave me the utmost attention and respect and I was very grateful for that after reading some of these reviews. I just really wish there was some allowance made for stay-home moms in regards to eligibility credits.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Carol A Eckersen was GREAT! No lawyer would take our case, but Judge Eckerson took the time too look deeper in to the case then anyone has ever even offered. She sent us copies of documents that we didn’t know existed. Her final judgment was in our favor, because she took the time to seek the truth. Thank you so much Judge:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great judge. Very friendly and good at putting distressed claimants at ease.

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