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  1. Reginald Price says:

    Judge Carol Sax. Nobody should say anything bad about Judge Sax. She is Wonderful Person.

  2. Jeff Evans says:

    Is Carol Sax still hearing cases? If so, what a shame! She is “milquetoast:” dull in intellect; lacking in empathy; and, most definitely, devoid of personality, especially, levity and humor.(She always made me sleepy!) But, wait! She is the Bureaucrat’s Bureaucrat in a perfectly Bureaucratic system! Does anyone else not marvel that SSA spent resources to rebrand “ODAR,” an appropriate description of the Agency’s mission, to “OHO,” which reflects “laughter,” and is so close to “UHO,” like, I do not want to know what “The Confederacy of Dunces” are planning next!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Sax denied my case. The va expert agreed i could not work. Judge sax decided i could work part time in a mail room. I am 54 yrs old. I have worked for 30 years. I have spinal stenosis. Depression anxiety. Also carpel tunnel. I found her rude and after 6 years to get denied she has ruined my life.

  4. Phy Am says:

    I hope from the aproval percents of Alj Carol A Sax that were aproval of 63 percent and dissmiss was 20 percent and 18 percent would have her aprove my case since i had a hearing with her so good luck to me and just waiting for hear decion on my case and the results would be different then the first judge i had a hearing with Henry J Hogan which was unfavorble decion which i apealed to the apeal councial that took them 13 months just to denie and say my medical records looks like i was disable after the alj henry j hogans decion to reapply and dds denied me and filed a apeal for reconsideration and got denied again and had to file another apeal request for a hearing with a alj carol a sax so its a long and fustration apeal process and hope the decion results are different then a unfavorble decion from Alj Carol A Sax And good luck to me amen.

  5. Phy Am says:

    My case is asigned To Judge Carol A Sax.So my attorney and i prepare to go to the odar and hear about How my lower back pain because of degenitive dic dease and moderate depresion and and anxiety would working full time impossibly.

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