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  1. Brett reeves says:

    I got denied because I play video games. I have ADHD, autism, asbergers, PTSD, BPD, depression, aniexty, and a rare knee disorder. she was completely rude towards me the whole time I was actually crying during my phone call court case. This was last year. I still have no income or any way to support my family. She truly does not care for the disabled

  2. nslpeh says:

    On the paperwork sent to us for the hearing,
    It states that you can have anyone and or a attorney to represent you.
    This Judge Carol was extremely rude and disrespectful in her voice,body language, and verbal style to our non attorney rep.
    If they want to treat people this way why do they waste their time in allowing non professionals to be reps.
    We do not have the denial or acceptance yet, but she was just as I believed she would be, do not know if that is good or bad but it is what it is?!?!?!!?

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