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  1. Jerold Glen Cauthon Jr. says:

    All Of The Favorable Comments About Carol Buck Are Totally Fake. This Is One Mean Woman, And I Say That Even Though She Approved My Disability. I Don’t Feel That She Approved Me Because She Wanted To, Or Even Because My Records Proved I Was Disabled. I Think It Was A Roll Of The Dice And She Had To Approve At Least Some That Come Before Her. Very Nasty Spirited Woman.


    HONORABLE Judge Carol Buck listen to my statement which I have ask the social security people in the last 5 years to do so! Judge Buck completely listen extremity well, with my documentation. This was all I was asking the people at the Social Security office to do!!. Thank you sincerely for you to allowed me to do so, also to correct those errors.
    Outstanding she went an extra mile plus more for me and my family.

  3. LINDA L Caldwell BAZEMORE says:

    Judge Carol Buck listen to my statement which I have ask people in the last 5 years to do so! Judge Buck completely listen very well, with mu documentation. This was all was asking the people at the Social Security office to do!!.
    Thank you sincerely for your to allowed me to do so and also to correct those errors. Outstanding and she when a extra mile plus for me and my family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have not received a decision yet; although, I’m not sure why there isn’t more positive comments? She seemed to be a very fair and empathetic judge. I have a good amount of optimism that things will work out in my favor, eventually!

  5. Jerold Glen Cauthon Jr says:

    If anything good has been said of this….”woman”, it must have come from herself, posing as someone else. She is the most hateful and biased judge one could possibly go in front of. She will not even let a person finish answering a question that she asked…if it is not the answer she wants to hear, forget whether or not it is relevant. I can just imagine the suffering she has caused many people who were deserving of their disability, of which they paid into, not her. She acts as if a person must beg to get back what they have paid into for the very reason they are there to try to get it. It is a crying shame that Americans must sit in front of an idiot such as Carol Buck and grovel for what they have paid into. It is not her money, and it is not the government’s money. It belongs to those who paid into that fund, not Congress to waste on pet projects. If not for the lady from the Disability Action Center who was there to try and help me…I would have got up and walked out on this hateful judge.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have represented clients before ALJ Buck many times over the last few years. I have found her to be fair, thorough, and compassionate toward claimants. She is also one of the few judges in CA who will issue favorable bench decisions, telling claimants during a hearing that she finds them disabled (provided obj. evidence supports this finding).

  7. Leonard Leonardo says:

    Judge Carol L. Buck-Sacramento-Please do not delete. Nothing bad is said.I am only saying the truth that needs to be put out there. Items used to turn my son down. I am Leonard Leonardo father of Nicholas Leonardo. My son had a MRI and other brain scans. Dr. Lum from Roseville, was his doctor. It showed he needed a operation on his brain. He had crushed vains in his brain. Judge Buck, said it was because of alochol. He was born with it, most likely. He has ADHD, which causes great problems on the work place. But, Judge Buck, said it was caused from alochol. He is BI-POLAR and has problems there also. Judge Buck, said it was caused by alochol. He has a high education so he is ok the judge said. He was kicked out of every high around. He finally got a GED. He doesn’t have a work history. He has tryed very hard to work in his life. He only had to work 6 hours a day and recieve underumployeement for 40 hours. He couldn’t even do that. You didn’t read what the doctors said, just the part about alochol. He did go to emergency alot of sizures, but blame it all on alochol. He gets sizures when he does not expect them. You blame everything on the alcohol, which was there to cover up the problems he has in life. I know a woman who got ssi for being to fat. Let’s be fair. My son is in rehab and still suffers everyday, in his brain to try and make it from day to day. He has not drank for over two months. He still has all his problem, but still you can blame it all on drinking. Please help him.

  8. Leonard Leonardo says:

    I am writing concerning your mistake with my son’s turn down for ssi. #1 not enough back ground of employment. He was born with crushed vains in his brain. Written from a doctor of a mri. Written prof. #2 Cause trouble in hospital. Do to mental illness/ alcolo. #3 Alcolo a cover up for his mental illness. Something to ease his mental problems. #4 Over looked he is bypolar. Written info on your report. #5 Has seizures whrn not drinking. #6 Blaming his problems on alcolo. #7. Proven paper work that he has ADHD, but blaming again the achol. #8 You said he has high school education. He was kicked out of like 6 high schools, got Ged on his own. #9 You said he has no past relevant work. Because is has mental problems. He is truly metally ill. #10. Without looking at anything else you said alcoho was his problem. Check everything out and you will see you just used this to make a excuse not to give him ssi. Everything you said that he couldn’t get ssi, was every reason you should have given him ssi that he deserves. Now he will go back on the streets after going to rehab. He was clean for 45 days before rehab. Me and his mother still dealt with a serious mental problems the same day he went into rebab. It was the worst day ever. But you blamed everything on drinking. Mentally ill people do make honest mistakes. Humans aren’t perfect, specially metally people. I know, my father was mentally ill and my brother dies from mental illness. I also have mental illness and am looking for mental help today. But I am not crazy enough to see the mistakes you did turning my son down. Please help him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is the worst!!! She is not fair! She denies credible and truthful witnesses’ if they do not agree with her impression. She does not use the reports that are signed under oath if they do not agree with her interpretation. As a witness she called me a liar, incredible. I should sue for defamation of character. I have lived a long life and never lied for anyone!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good judge. Very thorough, fair. Goes the extra mile to put nervous claimants at ease.

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