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  1. no one important says:

    “Honorable” is laughable.

    I believe her attitude is “if you don’t have a lawyer, do not dare speak to me.”

    My “hearing” was an utter waste of time. My records showed a diagnosis from two different doctors. That diagnosis was clearly stated in black and white. She proceeded to tell me “Unless there is something you can add to these records, I will be forced to agree with the denial.” She then cut me off at every turn when trying to tell her that the records supported what I was trying to tell her. She had absolutely no interest listening to me, which makes me question the entire point of a hearing.

    If the word of two doctors isn’t good enough for this “judge”, then what would a lawyer have done to change her mind? Anyone can pay a lawyer to say damn near anything they want. So, is it only the people who want to scam the system that win? Seems like it to me.

    She said it would take 4-6 weeks to get a decision, but I knew she had made up her mind before she finished the hearing. It took more than two months to get the denial. Don’t tell people you will do something on a time table unless you intend to keep it. Also, quite insulting that if it had been the other way around, and I had missed a deadline by an HOUR, I’d be in trouble. Hypocrites.

    Biased and incompetent. Hell of a person to wear that robe. Shameful.

    I’m just glad I don’t live in Texas so my taxes don’t pay her worthless salary.

    Do yourselves a favor if you can. Work with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation instead. They are wonderful people who help. Unlike this “judge”.

  2. A truly disabled person says:

    Judge Caroline Beers should not be a judge and needs to have her license revoked. She denied my disability due to her own biases. The ability to read and watch TV has nothing to do with my disability. I have RA and fibromyalgia. I’m not intellectually disabled. I don’t have health issues because I’m obese, I’m obese because I’m in pain 24/7 and unable to exercise. I was at a healthy weight before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went to the gym 4-6 times a week, did yoga, Pilates and took dance. That all stopped when I developed RA. My rheumatologist is top of her field and provided written evidence that I am disabled and Judge Beers didn’t bother with it. Well, it’s now going to the Appeals Council. Be aware that if you get her as a judge it’s likely you will not win.

  3. Bradley B Parker says:

    Two yrs three months since my brother had his major stroke. He’s 64 and that stroke left him unable to communicate verbally or written nor gesture bodily with sufficient accuracy. He’s severely global aphasic incapable to make informed decisions.
    He’s assistance dependent heavy 24 7 supervision needed
    Incontinent x 2
    discharged from treating hospital back home with me his brother 45 day’s post stroke via a few hrs treating Physician’s place him into SNF VS home me due to treating staffs overwhelming opinion my brothers 24 7 level of required care assistance is beyond my personal capacity to provide and so they’d let him come home but not before placing him SNF and them out and home my brother was seriously physically emotionally overwhelmed by this action he’d not understood it and apparently went full tantrums and some how managed himself outside of the SNF that was somewhere in or near Marysville CA he’d paced about out front of facility I’m told but I still have hardly any information at all regarding those hour’s in my dear Brothers life other than it all could have had absolutely unfortunate consequences for my brother whom is prone to severe episode’s of tonic clonic seizure averaging one to three per month.
    is this sounding at all unfathomable ?
    He can’t speak
    Can’t write
    cannot make informed decisions
    he’s still alive
    he’s incontinent time’s two
    (Our w/d busted 23 months ago I’m my Brother’s SOLE CARE assist
    I’m his hospices (hospital physicians approved hospices AND palliative care too / shit they the hospital treating Physician’s were all virtually absent beyond all imagination
    I still haven’t totally figured that out the WHY so absent so cold on me ? There’s something that happened I know this I know a piece of WHY and actually verified this strange situation but without further digression Your Honor
    My Brothers Medical records THEY’RE clearly defining
    of my brother life limiting illnesses his critical assistance dependent heavy requirements
    It’s TOUGH check me OUT it’s just been me solely I’m IT
    That durable medical equipment the palliative care team surrounded me in verbal it’s doable making phone calls even arranging an assortment of needing item’s for him including in home rehabilitation step by step at our his comfort and willingness IT ALL WENT TO CRAP your Honor I can’t explain exactly what all occurred in that first week that some how poisoned the relationship I can show something about it it’s shockingly disturbing and I’d have never mentioned this especially HERE in An Honorable Judges viewing if She or He so chose to actually be in a position to be a reader of this that I’m typing I can Show 99.9% too 100% verified factual materials which WILL show that a specific entity did in fact intentionally mess with that treating hospital it’s staffing connections to my brother his caring and his dispensation
    My Brothers not just housebound he’s bed bound almost literally
    He’s very weak
    I’m still involved with toileting assistance and even more so at this time as he’s literally unable to void in the bathroom due to escalating multitudes in life limiting life ending illness compounding circumstances YES Your Honor this is me and only me happening with my brother and those kinds of things happening as they are NOT UNEXPECTED
    but it’s my it’s our (brother and I) knowing or even and I’ll say educated opinions THAT IT’D BEEN A BIT MORE DARNED EASIER and less uncomfortable enduring upon HIM and I
    IF my Brother’s lawfully entitled disability benefits were to had arrived SOONER than later certainly sooner than 2 years 3 months Hmmmmmm
    Nothing more we’re asking and nothing less were asking
    Here with.my brothers care expenses nor care assist compensation
    IT should be mentioned that in my brothers CASE were he to had continued in a 24 7 SNF for his needy level of care the costs to tax payers would ball park at
    $400’000.00 thousand per year that’s nearly 900 grand as of today
    My Brother was labeled
    “An UNCOOPERATIVE CLAIMANT unwilling to provide medical evidence of an alleged disability”
    Ok will
    submitted evidence seemingly vanished ? Who knows WHERE?

    Labeled him with that disgusting line adjudicating writer’s chose
    I I gotta be honest your Honor I want I again feel extremely compelled to exercise undesirable descriptive vulgarity towards the disability determination services reps and adjudicators but I’ll NOT.
    I have multiple sclerosis from an inner ear infection a viral idiopathic origin it’s a relapsing remittance progressive illness which inflicts high impact chronic pain upon me and untreated by professional care via pharmaceutical opioid containing narcotic prescription pain medication ANY MORE since my previous supervision primary care moved suddenly at an unfortunate point in time at a height with the dumbed up opioid crisis bull shit was manufactured in full bloom or aka this old school man me!! flat frankly would never and in fact did not ever unzip his fly and fill a glass specimen for a professionally attired child within the clinical environment
    I can’t PEE pee in order to continue in my otherwise effectively correct and satisfactory progressing medical CARE.
    World ⤵ is has
    been 🚶🚽

    we all mostly desire it be otherwise
    I do
    I like our Heavenly Fathers world for He owns everything he’s indeed our inheritance here✋ 👦 your Honor it’s been getting a bit more tough
    and I would just like to
    ask that if it be possible
    I understand things aren’t typical these day’s
    but if
    it be possible please expidite my brother his claim
    Thank you for Sharing


    Bradley Parker

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    It is so terrible when you truly really need help from disability and have to fight like hell to get it and then still get denied. Your health gets worse because you don’t have health insurance, and depression starts in. Judge H Beers was nice to my face, but came back with a quick judgement. She was wrong on a few things when it came to information from my doctors and my MRI. Maybe she should look into things better than being so judgemental. This is one of the reasons why this world is falling apart. It’s because where people should care, they don’t. I can’t even give her a rating because it would be a lie.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Beers scoffed, then scolded my lawyer during my hearing for reading from a law book to ensure that a technicality we wanted to point out was recognized. It made me feel like she had a personal vendetta against him prior to my case. I had a sick feeling in my gut after that & I knew I’d be denied. Just as I suspected- Denied! I’m literally unable to use my shoulders to move or raise my arms, my hands lock up into fists, & I can barely walk from the Lupus & Fibromyalgia that’s wrecking my body. But now I have to find a way to work- SOMEWHERE. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m terrified & want to kill myself sometimes because I see no real solutions for me. She has ruined my faith in the system.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Her approval rating must be an error. She may seem nice, but she NEVER grants.

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