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  1. Thomas Parsley says:

    The judge is completely inept! I have a spinal injury I received from work, and after 2 surgeries, countless injections, and more physical therapy than you can imagine, I have found a place I can deal with. I live EVERY day in pain and take a full medicine cabinet full of meds. I was also assaulted back in 2012 and have severe PTSD among other conditions that I have struggled. I can’t sit, stand, or walk for less than 2 hours! Some ho she says I’m not a candidate for disability. Her reasons were comical and were based on her opinion, and not at all to do with the evidence she was given! This person should not be allowed to have any say over people’s lives! The occupational therapist who was on the phone at the hearing said there was a 0% chance of finding gainful employment! She says in her assesment that she “doesn’t take stock” in parts of evidence that are pretty crucial! She went by opinion and not the facts and now my life gets put on hold yet again!

  2. Joe Donelan says:

    I feel the decision by the judge was unfair. My appearance seemed to aggravate her, knowing my looks have a lot be desired. Statements were made that gave me every reason to believe my IQ ranged somewhere around 60 because the VE basically called me a moron without saying it. She said I was only capable of doing the lowest form of work and quoted all those jobs available. When I spoke, I heard snickers, like they all thought I was a simpleton or cretin. My disease is the 6th leading killer in the world! I was denied with a very unfavorable conclusion. I understand why people commit suicide from the cold and quiet slaughter of human character made by these judges.

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