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  1. Client says:

    Very difficult judge but my attorney, Casey Coxwas a true professional and only because of his thorough representation was my case awarded.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge made an unfavorable decision, saying that she didn’t find me credible, even though I have mountains of evidence from providers. She claims there are inconsistencies in the documentation. What a farce!

  3. A little birdie says:

    My boyfriend won his disability case today. Cecilia Lacara was the judge who presided over his case. Even though he won I still don’t think she’s a very equitable judge. Her approval rate is very low and I think that she has denied people who are entitled to benefits. That being said I do understand the need to be fiscally responsible and not give it to people with dubious and subjective claims. I’m giving her one star for growing a heart and giving it to him. I do think she would have denied him had we not been so diligent in collecting medical evidence. I recommend to everyone that they have there doctor fill out a residual functional capacity form and try to find a blue book listing form for there illness as well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Cecilia Lacara is not professional at all. Treated me like I was scum. She has denied my appeal saying that I am a liar. Saying certain things were not in my medical records but they are in there. She is a liar and try to turn everything back on you. She is trying to blame all of my health issues on my weight. Saying that asthma and my emphysema is caused by my weight. She is the biggest crooked judge I have ever heard of.She is a disgrace to the system.Then she wants to say that I do not have all the health issues that I said I had. But all of my medical records back me up.Alaskans you have no chance at all as long as this woman is in office.

  5. Jonathan D McClelland says:

    This judicial system set in place for the rights of disabled Alaskans is naught more than a joke told by the two most vicious criminals in history: LaCara and Heb, our dispicable “judges” of this fine State. Heb abuses his petitioners while LaCara employs lies to get the job done! Shame on the both of you, shame on your 17% shared acceptance rate, shame on your abuse of power, and shame on the deaths you both have caused by your greed, synicism and inaction!!! The people have called you out!! What will you do?! I know what I will do: move to where saner heads reside, the even GREATER State of Washington!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge really hates her job, or is just a hateful person, or both. I don’t even have a decision yet, and doesn’t matter. She is arrogant, sanctimonious, condescending, and spews patronizing disrespectful hate. I’ve seen criminals treated with more respect by judges. She spent the first 5 min yelling at me for having more than 1,000 records for her to review “How inconsiderate of you, don’t you know I have 5 cases a day to read?” In addition, the woman has a serious God complex “I and only I will interpret your records to see if they have merit because I am the judge. My decision of your qualifications (for benefits)is mine alone and will not be based on what a report says…The previous SSA determination (by MDs) is just a suggestion for me to follow.” She repeated similar stmts many times through out the hour. I was not even allowed to make a request for accommodation (in a disability hearing!) without her yelling at me that she was still speaking (tho had broken her delivery). And does this make sense? “these records don’t tell me ANYTHING, they say a lot about what you CANT do, but not what you can do(logic would say the reverse?)”…The person I really feel sorry for is the court reporter that has to sit beside her every day, all day long, and listen to the disrespect and hate she spews. I’ve spent 34 years paying into SS, I AM the govt and you work for me!! No one deserves to be treated that way NO ONE!

  7. U. S. Citizen says:

    Hearing is over, finally. Awaiting a decision. I believe the judge will deny. Not because I am unable to work. My attorney started asking questions, after number two she interrupted and started the grilling. Tried to get me to lie by saying inaccurate facts from my file. Don’t know if she didn’t read my file correctly, or if someone in SS simply made another mistake. Since I had to correct them five times already.

    Even if she approves my appeal, I still think she should be removed. No one should ever endure her acidic “court”. For goodness sakes, her clients have been through physical **** already, have been unable to work for over a year at least, emptied their savings, used all their retirement, and have few places to turn.

    Not to mention she not only deals with physical ailments like mine, she undoubtedly gives the same courtesy to the mental cases. Can you imagine dealing with something like severe depression and have her control your future?

    Again, if anyone in power reads this site. PLEASE PLEASE remove her from this position. Not based on her approval rating, based on her inability to be human.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m also an attorney, not a disgruntled claimant. My practice takes me around the country, so I’m well versed with all types of ALJs. I have to say, with all due respect, ALJ LaCara’s decisions seem to be based not on the records presented to her but on what must be her own personal opinions/agenda. I think there must be some understanding in a general sense as there is an obvious temptation to use personal insight when you’ve conducted hundreds or thousands of hearings; however, I’ve never seen qualified medical professionals have their opinions so casually and routinely tossed aside by an individual who is essentially a layperson. To speak to the other attorney who mentioned misrepresentations in her decisions, I not only second that sentiment but also care to mention that this extends to the hearing. On multiple occasions I’ve seen ALJ LaCara take up a line of questioning based on anecdotal evidence that a complete review of the record would genuinely render moot. As an officer of the court, I do have reservations as to her qualification for (or at least her execution of) the position that she currently maintains.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An attorney here, not a disgruntled unsuccessful SSDI claimant. Lacara’s decision included several misrepresentations along with a total disregard for logic. My client had an iffy case, but I realized once I received the decision that he never had a shot. She is not an equitable judge and was dismissive. Furthermore, it is disappointing as an attorney to walk into any type of proceeding with the leader of that proceeding dressed so casually.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Lacara is an embarrassment.

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