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  1. nickolas says:

    decided on the first day my conditions caused me no issue with work despite the VE saying there isnt a job out there i could do with the conditions i have. Having a mood disorder along with many other things it pisses me off how this jackass ignores my medical evidence and the VE standing beside him.

  2. Justine Simon says:

    I also wanted to say about judge Charles Dominic, is that he was extremely polite. Asked a huge amount of questions that covered just about everything. There was a few things I forgot to tell him, but Im confident he will find those answers in my medical records. Example When he asked me about side effects of my medications, I told him nightmares. But I must of elaborated on something else and forgot to tell him about extreme fatigue and major memory loss. Currently my panic attacks are coming back and Im scared of how my mental condition is going to be if Judge Dominic denies me. But I am hopeful and continue to pray everyday. I do not see any reviews on Judge Charles Dominic on here so I felt it was important to tell people about my very positive experience with him.
    Thank you.

  3. Justine Simon says:

    Please Jesus, be with Judge Charles Dominic in making a favorable decision from my hearing on October 23,2019.
    Please help him understand my debilitating medical conditions , especially my mental health . Im afraid of myself that if I get denied again, I dont know how bad that will effect my psychological heath. I need my disability benefits to survive in this life. I lost EVERYTHING, due to everything that had happened in my life and maney psychical health issues as .
    Pleae help me Judge Dominic, so I can survive.
    God bless you
    Justine S

  4. Justine says:

    I’m Justine and had my 2nd ssi hearing on October 23, 2019
    My lawyer told me Charles Dominic is fair judge. Its 5 weeks now and still waiting on his decision. I see he has a lower approvals then denials. I pray everyday that Judge Dominic will understand my case and make a favorable full decision for me .
    I pray…” dear Jesus. please be with Judge Dominic and help him understand and to help me have a better life with my debilitating medical conditions. Please bless Judge Charle Dominic, on this Thanksgiving day
    In Jesus name., Amen.

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