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  1. M Edwards says:

    Judge Thigpen is a more than fair Administrative Law Judge. He treats you with respect. When I had my hearing in Montgomery, I was straightforward and honest in his courtroom. I didn’t make any excuses. I answered the questions truthfully to the best of my recollection and ability. I had no problem being awarded my disability. It was Fully Favorable. If you have a hearing in Judge Thigpen’s courtroom, be honest, upfront, polite, and respectful. Judge Thigpen is extremely smart and intelligent. If you come to his courtroom trying to beat the system, BEWARE because your case will be Denied. He treats you with dignity. You must do the same.

  2. C Ruberte says:

    I greatly respect Judge Thigpen. Come prepared for his hearing, and don’t waste his time. He will give you a fair chance.

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