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  1. Rose says:

    So if I needed a copy of my transcript that they took at my hearing with Charels Evans, where would one go? Or who would I need to contact to get the transcript.?

  2. Rose Meinecke says:

    This Judge was very fair and very observant in my case . I had waited almost 5 yrs to get approved for my disability claim. He listened intently to my case and to both sides and he picked up on my real disability without either side ever mentioning it. He awarded me my disability claim and 32 months backpaY which i felt was fair.
    However, the worker that i recieved at the vancouver office decided that she knew more than the judge did and I didn’t get but about 3 months worth of my backpack. So I’m not really sure why we have the judges decide these cases. if their words and their judgments arent Enforced or applied.
    If the people in the local social security can override his decisions then what is the use of having an administrative judge.?
    I feel that he was extremely fair, but the local Social Security office were and are being discrimitive towards me as a native american with a disabilty.

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