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  1. Valerie L. Stephens says:

    Could not correct or edit the error on my previous review. I meant to give this judge a 1 star rating.

  2. Valerie L. Stephens says:

    This individual is most likely a narcissist. They seem to think that mere titles should be granted blind deference & that respect is not a two-part equation. They don’t seem to respect the claimant’s right to self-defense in light of half-witted ‘statistics’ spouted by the so-called “vocational expert.” They get very threatened when their deceptive tactics & status quo system is challenged. They behaved unprofessionally & abusively. This is the problem with ‘authoritarian’ types. Most of them refuse to see past their own noses & agendas. Stats mean absolutely nothing to me. I dwell in the REAL WORLD with real, daily struggles & exercise crucial skepticism & critical thinking. This is not even taking into account the dismissive attitudes displayed towards claimant’s own authority on matters both related to our own conditions & handicaps, but also on the local job market & what is realistic & unrealistic. These so-called experts & ALJ’s know absolutely nothing about real world conditions & the issues that people face. But as those of us who have survived narcissists & sociopaths our whole lives can attest, these types of character-disordered individuals cannot handle having their own hubris mirrored back to them in pure form. Not that I was surprised by any of this, however. But I am a human individual with just as much of a right to exercise my critical thinking & skepticism as the next person, & readily do so in the face of a farcical, deliberately obtuse & oppressively rigid system. It’s the same old song & dance, & when you refuse to dance to their ‘score’, you are treated with condescension & derogation. Most of these so-called adjudicators do not act with impartiality. The system is absolutely still just as rigged & as much of a joke as it always was. I will not be surprised or even chagrined when I am yet again denied, because I don’t play by their ‘rules’ or allow myself to be mistreated & demeaned. If you need to be corrected, I will correct you, especially in defense of my own honour & boundaries. I will also challenge you if you are regarding as fact, things that are inaccurate. More people should stand up to corrupt & unjust systems, even if just speaking the truth. The truth still remains that ‘invisible’ disabilities such as Complex PTSD, Major Depression & other psychiatric & mental health conditions are sadly not taken as seriously as purely physical handicaps. The onus placed upon the claimant to ‘prove’ our conditions is not only demoralizing but quite frankly, unrealistic. I could have an anamnesis the size of the whole Encyclopedia Britannica & most likely still be denied. It seems to me that the only people who get approved either just got lucky, or were approved because they did the ‘song-and-dance’ better. It doesn’t matter one way or another whether I am denied or approved. The amount is so negligible compared to the cost of living nowadays that it is probably more hassle than it is worth. Nonetheless, I would advise anyone who gets assigned this judge to keep your wits about you & maintain your dignity & boundaries. Protect yourselves. This individual is not a psychologically or emotionally ‘safe’ person.

  3. terry says:

    Judge Shinn often seems more like an interrogator than a compassionate judge. Also, there appears to be a significant gap in understanding mental health issues in the courtroom

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good judge. Has excellent demeanor at hearings and is respectful to claimants. His decisions are generally consistent with my position on the case.

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