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  1. Timothy N Turner says:

    Firstly,she made a huge deal of me being a bad Catholic, because I didn’t know what the 12 mysteries of The Rosary were? She said she could say that because she too, was Catholic,then awarded me full disability by way of a favorable decision with court stenographer typing it All,and amended the onset date,only to say it would take 6-9 months to go through. Then , when almost 9 months later, I receive a New Court date all together,in a further away Parish.Micheal Hertzig was new judge and said I have seizures because I stopped taking Keppra, which caused suicidal idealations,and was switched by neurologist to Brivact!?!? Judge stated I was inconsistent in taking medication.But was taking new medicine whole time!!!!So was denied,then denied again at State level Appeals,only for my attorney to withdraw because they don’t have a Federal level law degree, to appeal at Federal level, which is my last hope.And no one whom does have it will represent anyone if they haven’t represented them since first denial.I have neurologist orders and MRI s of blood spots on my brain.I can’t drive or any machinery.And their is no public transportation but states their is in denial! Any ideas or helpful suggestions???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Second Worce judge I ever went before! This crazy old woman didn’t know what she was talking about in the hearing. Should never have been a judge much less had a law license. Didn’t do her job takes up to 3 months to make a decision that should have been right then and there. Does not follow the law. A court of law is to follow the facts not opinion and theory. They removed her, hopefully because they knew she was crocked. 9 months to get another hearing with another criminal judge that should never be a judge much less have a law license. Both should be in prison!

  3. Kim Jenkins says:

    Judge White approved my SSI Disability on 3/15/23. Last words out of her mouth were “written decision will follow in about 2 weeks” it has been 5 and 1/2 months. This is ridiculous. Now she has been removed from the bench. My case reassigned to a new Judge. What now I ask? I am PISSED OFF needless to say!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Horrible judge. Takes too long to make decisions even when she tell you she will get a prompt decision out. Very senile, can hear you almost have to scream while talking to her. Lack common sense and understanding will rely on whatever the physician says in their report to make her decision, even when it’s clear the physician report is concocted and intentionally misleading.Will say one thing in the hearing then do something completely opposite in the decision. I’ve been railroaded by her twice. Hope I never see her again. I’m sure others have been railroaded by her also. Horrible horrible judge.

  5. Kendra Dollinger says:

    Very slow been waiting over 6 months have not heard a word . I myself think this is more then enough time for a desion applyed in Jan 2015 for my grandson see judge White in Oct. Of 2016 an still know nothing . Like really ……..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think Judge Charlotte White was very compassionate during my hearing, and she made me feel more comfortable about the hearing. I thank her for that because I was a complete wreck.

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