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  1. susan stauffer says:

    Maybe it’s been 5 years since my daughter went before this judge. She was a basket case, and had been dismissed months before by a woman who had no patience and who never called me into the room. She said, ‘get a lawyer’. Easier said than done. My family lawyer didn’t have the patience (it really is soul-sucking)…and the one before just aggravated her more. So, no lawyer. Plenty of medical records and paperwork. This man was an angel sent from God. I don’t know what went before, but I was called in and questioned. He was efficient, asked pointed and important questions, and decided that at the present time she was not likely to work anywhere. Things became a little better in a few years and then the Covid hit, and we’re back to square one. I often wonder what the Judge is doing now. He was compassionate. He was what you want in a judge. Five stars.

  2. Renetta Wright says:

    Hi, I had my hearing 11/21/2018 with Judge Christian Bareford and he was very nice I had a pleasant experience with him.. I just upset because I didn’t have all my medical records and no attorney so I took a chance so I really thought it hurt in a way.. but I can’t go back in take anything back now.. I just hope pray and that I can aleast get a partial payment because I’m currently working under 20 hours a week I’m not asking for a hand I just need help for my condition and talking with him made me feel like he really understood so with all that being said I had a wonderful experience with him and I just aleast hope he could give partial benefits if not else I’m still willing to work part time even if I am in pain… so with that said Judge Bareford I give 5 stars…

  3. Christina says:

    Easy going personality
    Asked alot of questions
    Very nice over all
    Listened to what i had to say
    Still do not know my decision!!!
    Just had court last week

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