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  1. Kirk Polan says:

    About Judge Christian Bareford, let me say for full transparency that I just received a unfavorable decision so obviously I’m not going to give him a favorable rating and I’ll explain why. First I’ll explain my background in the workforce, with paying into Social Security it spans over 30 years and that it shows my unrelenting work ethic. I have never been on welfare or unemployment I have always had a job and never been fired from any position. If collected workman’s comp I was back as soon as possible and did not milk the situation. I have never asked for anything from anybody and believe as I was taught to earn what you receive . Within my last two jobs, the first I held for a hair under 12 years rising up to service manager at a battery manufacturing company, repairing batteries and chargers underground in coal mines and at industrial sites. I then moved on and served 18 years as a city of Pittsburgh bus driver working on the front line during the worst of covid-19 delivering “frontline workers” to their jobs as nurses, police officers, and firemen. I contracted my first bout of covid-19 in April of 2020 and had every symptom including what the children had except for I still had taste and smell, that put me out for 3 months during which I my medical situation was severe enough that I should have gone to the hospital but it was a death sentence then so I refused. I recovered about 80% and worked for another 5 months till I contracted my second bout of covid-19 in December of 2020, which kept me from work for 2 weeks but I never fully recovered having shortness of breath, brain fog , migraines, severe fatigue with accompanying pain, and shooting pains and extreme weakness in muscles and joints not knowing that it was “fibromyalgia” at this point caused by the covid virus. My medical condition deteriorated exponentially and I had to get FMLA for the increasing fatigue and pain and other symptoms I was experiencing through the next months till in July of 2021 when I started collapsing at work feeling as if my whole body was shutting down mentally and physically so it was determined buy medical professionals and experts that I was not fit to drive safely let me switch to any other position in the company and was forced to retire on a disability pension. Through my years, especially as a bus driver, I have been witness to multitudes of people “working the system”, riding the bus and coincidentally working for the bus company, but that’s what a union’s for right, it helps the people the wrong thing . I was morally disgusted by this knowing that the SSD money is supposed to go to people that really need it and deserve it and through no fault of their own can’t work even though they’ve never asked for a handout. All that I can tell you before you even apply for SSD it’s a big joke because they actually tell you you won’t get approved the first time basically force you to get a lawyer that takes out of your back pay, and it might take years before you even get it. it seems they want you to completely deplete any retirement fund or savings, make you sell off things you’ve worked very hard for all your life and are proud to be able to finally afford them to survive and then deny you again anyway. Once I’m denied on this appeal I was told by my lawyer I have to start all over again and that will erase all of my retro pay for the last 2 years isn’t that convenient for the government. Total be just about 5 years without help and no pay after that but it should be easier to get approved by the age of 55. I have witnessed approval to people that choose to ruin their bodies as in all the vices that are out there while getting paid by the government for free drugs trips to the casino, cigarettes, and rides to the methadone clinic so they can “recover”. In my denial letter it states that I can still get employment as a ticket seller, a stuffer, or an order caller. I am in the 5 to 7 pain level all over my body 24/7 and get shooting pains, 9 to 10 range indiscriminately in different locations. As I’ve said I have shortness of breath when I talk too much and brain fog I can’t remember what I’m saying anyway and my fingers aren’t so much pain I can’t hold my phone let alone stuff things. I take a multitude of medications which lets me sleep at night but as soon as it runs out at 7:00 in the morning I can’t take it again so I have to stay up. I can’t sit on the couch for longer than 15 to 20 minutes because of the pain and no medication touches it over the counter including CBD oil without the THC. My brain fog keeps me from finishing sentences and not remembering where I was in the sentence so my wife has to tell me as I am doing right now dictating this to her to put on my phone because I also can’t hold a phone for more than 5 minutes due to the severe finger, rest and forearm pains. I’ve never been one not to do anything I was always constantly working on something so if I tried to help bring in groceries or help clean up dinner or any normal miniscule chore in your daily life, and push myself I can be debilitated for 3 to 4 days depending on my physical activity. I’m not mad at Judge Bareford, granted mostly due to the medication for my PTSD prevents this, I’m just extremely disappointed and frustrated with a system that is supposed to help people that have always worked with 100% work ethic and when they can’t serve the workforce anymore are denied financial help while others with let’s just say a not 100% work ethic to say the least get approved for benefits. I can’t say this for sure but I would think that “frontline workers” as they are called and rightfully so probably get a favorable decision without a blink of an eye but people that worked ON the front line during the pandemic are not giving a second thought. In the denial judgment letter it also stated that I had improvements in my medical situation but that has been misconstrued because the improvements were between medications that either didn’t work at all or didn’t work well with all the other medications I’m on. To this day no matter what my medical records say or what the doctor or nurse wrote down at the time of a visit I am still very close to where I was when I retired on a DISABILITY pension, which by the way as I stated earlier I haven’t worked since the end of July of 2021. That’s over 2 years and that I have been waiting on an SSD decision. I do know there are many others that have been denied and I just feel that this is a broken system and Judge Christian Bedford is feeding into it. I don’t know what his motivations are and I’m not going to judge his morals, I just wanted to tell him, which I’m sure he won’t read this anyway, that he was way wrong on this decision and if he gets spited by this review and has a negative input on my appeal which I’m told I’ll get denied anyway after up to 2 MORE years of deliberation, I won’t despair over it because I can sleep at night with all the decisions I’ve made in my life, well with Trazodone that is until it wears out. I feel that it was a special touch that I was given this denial just before Thanksgiving and Christmas being it coincidental or not it was a special treat getting the phone call from my lawyer which of course caused me so much anxiety I collapsed after with pain and mental distress caused by the denial decision. I’m not really sure why other people have given him five stars, maybe thinking they’ll get a positive appeal result. Yes I agree he’s a personable guy that seems to care when he’s talking to you only to then for whatever reason, being political or moral, as I said I’m not going to judge him, I just am not sure at this point, he reads into the fine print to find any things said that is positive about your situation to use it against you to deny your benefits.This review just shows ANYONE that reads it I am not afraid to speak my mind especially when it means so much for me and my family and how much it’s going to devastate us if, I mean when the appeal is denied. If it’s review is taken in anyway as an attack on Judge Christian Bareford’s integrity just remember that I was told that I was lying to the doctors about the severity of my condition which I take very personally. I’ve said my piece.

  2. susan stauffer says:

    Maybe it’s been 5 years since my daughter went before this judge. She was a basket case, and had been dismissed months before by a woman who had no patience and who never called me into the room. She said, ‘get a lawyer’. Easier said than done. My family lawyer didn’t have the patience (it really is soul-sucking)…and the one before just aggravated her more. So, no lawyer. Plenty of medical records and paperwork. This man was an angel sent from God. I don’t know what went before, but I was called in and questioned. He was efficient, asked pointed and important questions, and decided that at the present time she was not likely to work anywhere. Things became a little better in a few years and then the Covid hit, and we’re back to square one. I often wonder what the Judge is doing now. He was compassionate. He was what you want in a judge. Five stars.

  3. Renetta Wright says:

    Hi, I had my hearing 11/21/2018 with Judge Christian Bareford and he was very nice I had a pleasant experience with him.. I just upset because I didn’t have all my medical records and no attorney so I took a chance so I really thought it hurt in a way.. but I can’t go back in take anything back now.. I just hope pray and that I can aleast get a partial payment because I’m currently working under 20 hours a week I’m not asking for a hand I just need help for my condition and talking with him made me feel like he really understood so with all that being said I had a wonderful experience with him and I just aleast hope he could give partial benefits if not else I’m still willing to work part time even if I am in pain… so with that said Judge Bareford I give 5 stars…

  4. Christina says:

    Easy going personality
    Asked alot of questions
    Very nice over all
    Listened to what i had to say
    Still do not know my decision!!!
    Just had court last week

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