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  1. Anonymous says:

    I suffer from PTSD anxiety panic disorder I have back problems cognitive problems nuerlogoical. Problems and many other health problems now I’m suffering from leg numbness I’m waiting on a decision I visited this site and now I’m scared for my decision I can’t sleep or do anything I feel bad for myself depression is the worst feeling anyone can suffer from and I’ve dealt with this for many years now not gotten any better the judge seemed understanding and I’m praying for the decision she sees suitable

  2. Larry Bryan says:

    She does not have backbone to change a previous judges ruling, who lied to me and then used the lie to threaten me
    into not going through with the hearing. My attourney “joke” Brent Powers, his social security knowledge is alittle
    less than the slowest homeless person on earth, advised me, you on your own pal,I don’t know what to do.
    Christina I don’t know how people like you are allowed to ruin regular peoples lives. But I really hope there is such
    a thing as karma,because you and your predecessor deserve some of your own treatment

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am writing this for my husband who is completely distraught after we read his decision and I am beside myself. I should be clear since she assumed he authored certain well written cogent letters to doctors when in fact I had to and he signed I’ve been his POA for two years. I’ve been to all his therapy and Dr appointments he has in the last several years had 6-7 Dr’s cardiologist neurologist neorosurgeons primary dr phsycogist psychiatrist ambulatory, therapists and I’ve lived with him for years. He’s had so much testing and blood drawing every 3 months and MRI’s X-rays psych evaluations. Btw I should note I am also an HR expert with over 16 years real world experience and degrees and certifications so I know a thing or two about disabilities job hiring types of jobs policy relating to breaks and limitations and all that governs it. They should live with him before they decide to make uneducated and incredibly dubious comments, assumptions, and claims. He Never met a more two face dishonest person and I agree after what I read and know to be true. She has her own agenda clearly either that or I’d have to question her competence on disabilities and disability law. She threw out Social Securities own Dr’s evaluation and said he wasn’t credible. She claimed his Reg dr wasn’t credible because he didn’t list all his conditions even though the records reflected them and details which her personal dr said should be in his records based on testing and because he didn’t have him on a higher dose of Oxycodone consistent with his physical conditions and medical records. She then said his psychiatrists wasn’t credible because her diagnosis and limitations were only her medical opinion, even though they were supported with extensive testing and records. The judge added more conditions and limitations beyond what My husband had initially and the vocational expert said some weren’t even in the manual so she wasn’t even sure He could do the non skilled 3 jobs she selected from nation wide which were only 20,30 and 50 thousand jobs nationwide. She went on to add more limitations in the decision. The jobs all but one existed mostly in reality as a duty within other duties for a office job title like document scanner almost everywhere no matter your job one of your additional duties is to scan your own documents. Almost no one hires a “document scanner” circuit boards mostly are made in China, packers mostly ups or fed ex or a company like amazone where he can’t have the limitations imposed. She claimed no foot peddles no in an out of hot or cold no bending stopping crouching crawling lifting no real thought or decision making. Little interaction with co workers or supervisors. There’s not a job in the world that allows those limitations. She didn’t tell the whole truth as reflected by the record about explained actions that when in school He was a slow learner and needed help and graduated a year later yet she said he graduated so it was a sign of lack of disability. She claimed because he attempted to cut our 15X15 ft yard with a self propelled mower he wasn’t disabled yet it was explained in hearing and in my letter he had to take many breaks and I had to help finish she could ask the neighbors for Christ sake. She claimed I the wife was not credible when she never met me and had no information on me other than what I Privately wrote to her about his symptoms conditions and limitations which were 100% true.

  4. Stooone says:

    Great judge
    Either way my decision goes I was very impressed with her, she listens is smart and cares about the situation. Glad she is there

  5. Jamie says:

    Very pleasant Judge. I applied for SSDI in May 2013 denied in July 15 2013 and appealed the decision July 15 2013. Hearing date was November 17 2014. Fully favorable Decison on December 8 2014. I’m only 39 years old and have severe DDD in lower lumbar. My attorney had all my evidence together like MRI ,X-rays and notes and RFC from my orthopedic surgeon. Good luck to everyone cause it is tough and a long wait. But Judge Mein was very nice and seemed very sincere about what I had to say and she was great. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m praying that jesus reveals to your heart who I am and you are able to decern through records and truth how much pain I have and how I can’t do anywork due to my conditions. The lord has chose not to heal me for his higher purposes and I except that. But I believe I will not be denied at hearing and to him be ALL the praise and glory! Amen

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t include me in you lowest approvel and highest denial stats! Base your decision on medical facts and not whatever way you have been doing it PLEASE, back disorders are real! and for some much more dibilitating than others. When I read your stats I instantly thought all this time and pain and this is what I’m gunna get??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very respectful and understanding. Professional.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another young judge who doesn’t get it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A sorry excuse for a judge. To get approved you must be on your death bed. Does she ever take a day off for being sick? If so, how hypicritical can she be? If she had some kind of surgery, would she take time off? Of course she would. If she had the disabilities that some of the cases she heard, she would commit suicide. But she denies them. For any aches or pains that she has, go to work like you expect everyone else to do.

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