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  1. JLynn says:

    She is a scumb bag and should lose her license! She lies, doesn’t listen, and could care less about the truth, evidence or facts! I’m officially filing a fraud complaint against her! I’ve been on disability for 20 years with complex PTSD, major depression and severe anxiety. Due to some severely traumatic events that have taken place over the last 5 years my anxiety is so bad I cannot even leave my house to go to the damn mailbox alone let alone anything else and I tried telling her that, did she care? No! Too busy speaking about me as a hypothetical person or situation to paint her narrative to push her bullshit agenda! She send me a letter saying I’m no longer disabled and can go find work and that she has final say over my case and that I can’t go through a federal court… she’s dead wrong on that, absolutely can go through federal courts she’s just dirty and doesn’t realize just cause I’m mentally screwed up doesn’t make me stupid… Now I’ve been vomiting my brains out since 5 July when I got her letter and haven’t been able to function at all… My anxiety is so sky high I’m hyperventilating and my heart is literally been physically hurting like mini heart attack shit… that is my means of survival and without a care in the world this Jezebel just wants to snatch it away… it ain’t effecting her life, she won’t end up on the streets with nothing and no place to go, it won’t take food off her table and she’s still getting paid… she is a fraud, a liar, and she abuses her position and frankly she should be shit canned!

    God is the final judge, I have faith and trust He will prevail! I’ve been in this battle for 3 years and her empty threats and lies don’t hold a candle to the truth! People wield their sword of power like they’re big and bad… the sword of God is upright and delivers His justice!

    Tired of all these fake asses in high positions!
    Filing fraud complaints on her and my old doctor as he’s a piece of quack trash too and played his roll in this as well!

    Satan has never won against God, and he never will!

  2. Pippen says:

    Worse judge you can ever get. Unreliable and untrustworthy. I would NEVER EVER recommend her to my worst enemy.

  3. Garrett says:

    Judge who makes decision based on her biased perception. Even if you have medical records with doctors’ statements and vocational expert testifying there is NO jobs with your type of disabilities get ready for a disappointment: no medical records, testimonies can change her mind. I wish someone would look at her cases and determine if she is cable of not biased decision.

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