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  1. Joyce LaRochelle says:

    Judge Cutter what about my appeal to appeal for my civil rights to have a correct record? Get ready to hear my name loud and clear!
    Soc sec labeled me falsely and for over 20 years have wasted my life cripplingly me.
    I slept on my paperwork in totes and it’s been worth it so I can stop it from happening again!!
    IGA I am coming for you!

  2. KAC says:

    When I walked into the hearing room I was extremely overwhelmed, scared, panicked, what one my call a total wreck. Judge Cutter told me things would get easier once we started and pointed out both exits to the hearing room. She told me that I am not trapped and if I needed a break I could ask. The judge was professional, direct in her questioning and spoke with a soft tone.
    At the end of my hearing judge Cutter said something along the lines of “I hope you get better or I wish you the best”. I cannot recall exactly what she said but I do remember immediately feeling like she meant every ounce of it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Judge Cutter’s approval ratings have come up significantly in the last couple of years. Unfortunately she was assigned to my case when she was new and trying to make a name for herself. Reading her decision, it was obvious she was looking for reasons to deny the claim. She also didn’t give any weight to my treating doctor or evaluation exams at the VA. Very unhappy with the way she handled the case.

  4. Anonymous says:

    very Professional and Knowledgeable judge very refreshing after dealing with social security for 5 years. gave me my disability ruling without any problems. I am very happy I had her

  5. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge Cutter to be very kind and reasonable. She is extremely thorough with her questioning, but that is her job. She is a professional, and will treat you as such. She seemed interested in my case and was knowledgeable about it. Show up prepared to answer questions and be honest. After two years of being treated rather poorly by representatives who didn’t seem to care about the process, it was refreshing to sit in front of an educated Judge who took a very technical approach, looked at doctors recommendations, listened to testimony, and made a decision based on medical fact.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As very disappointed with Judges ruling. She gave no weight to my testimony or those who care for me, and gave no weight to my treating physician of 10 years report of disability. The only medical review given weight was one doctor that gave her reason to deny. She also did not review the medical file very well as she said I had no medications when the medical file clearly shows that I was on medications. With cervical and lumbar fusions and memory and cognitive issues from a brain hemmorage she feels I have enough residual capacity. The scenario she gave the employment officer did not take the full disabilities into consideration either. Seems like her low approval rate might reflect a new judge on a bench looking to make her reputation at the expense of claimants. Hope other claimants get other judges because this one is not going to consider all of your evidence. Guaranteed appeal filing for this decision and this judge is an example of what is wrong with the SSDI system. I’ve worked with judges and Lawyers for 30 years. This one is not a good one.

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