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  1. Kristine Puff says:

    I wasn’t allowed to go into the room where the heating was held. My son who has been diagnosed with level 1 ptsd. This was caused from 3 direct family members were diagnosed with late stages of cancers. Cancer spared nothing, as it slowly deteriorated all three. My mom, dad, and then, my husband. These were 3 out of the 4 needed figures in my son’s life. My son was exposed to all the graphic body changes of people he needed.It was horrifying to me as ann adult, I cannot imagine what this has done to a boy. My son became withdrawn, at the visuals of her bones because they were breaking in half, and her torso became covered with open wounds that needed fresh bandages daily. (Breast cancer) She cried every day in pain and said:” I’m sorry” when the infection from her wounds omitted a decomposition oder throughout the living room where she was. 2012 was her last year alive as she finally died in our living room by 2013. (It was what nightmares are made of)
    Next in line to die in much the same manner was my dad. He suffered in the last year of his life in that same room that mom had died in. He was dead by 2014.—— Is this enough to shock the life of a boy? This was his Grammy and Grampy that he needed. They were almost unrecognizable at death! But wait there’s more. By this time my son began to experience anxiety problems, sleeping problems, anger problems, and depression problems!
    That same time period of time as my dad died, my husband was diagnosed w late stage colon cancer. Do you have any idea what this did to my son? He just experienced the slow deaths of his grandparents and now we had to explain to him what the hospital found when I had brought him to emergency because he was sick for the last 5 months and got no better. He as going to go through the exact same thing as mom and dad. My son was in complete emotional breakdown at the news. My husband began to fight his disease and had several emg trips to the hospital as his body was solidifying. He had many emg trips and with each time, we were told that he likely could not live through it! Every single time, they told us to get ready to say goodbye. He was going through full chemo therapy so his blood was tested 3 times a week. His body as turning to salt. It was described to us.We would get a call the minute a Dr. saw how bad his blood levels were at. Sometimes it was 11:00 at night. He was hallucinating the whole time he was fighting his disease, as one of the side effects of salt in blood from his cancer. He lost his intestines, through surgery, so he got a bag taped to his stomach. He had a hole that went straight into his organs. It was disturbing had to be changed when full. He became so emaciated his body was just thin skin on top of his skeletal system. He looked dead. He fought all attempts of help as his brain wasn’t working properly. His mouth became burned from chemo, and he became in this state of almost dead. But he was still alive. Do you know what 2 more years of my son’s life consisted of? We ran out of oil, food, and funds were erratic the whole time he struggled to hang onto life.this suffering went on until 2017 when his body finally died. Do you even have a clue, as to what 3 suffering deaths leave a boy with? It leaves him unstable and suicidal. He was left empty, and afraid, and he was in Trauma!!!! After the death of his dad, he suffered 2 years without excepting help from all who begged him to let professionals help him.By this time it’s 2019, and he has a suicide note written, won’t get up from bed, won’t talk to anyone, instead asks to be killed because he can’t deal with the pain that he’s left with. He can’t put himself back into his life because his life was somewhat gone. It wasn’t the same life, and all he could think about was making the pain go away. He cried daily with no hope.
    He finally agreed to listen to the adults around him that have been begging him to get help to work through it. Medical and clinical help. The process began documentation by early 2020. He wanted to try. Medical recommendations were laid out w a recovery plan to get this kid back in the game. It was the recommendation to to keep him on his fathers death benefits until he can get medical stabilization with medicine, and clinical help. Directing him into a trade of his choice, and when he gets grounded, then take him off benefits. His chance of recovery was very good and expected. Instead-
    MAINE took him off his benefits knowing he was not in a position- physically and emotionally for the launch to be in a work field! As every month continued with no ability to have income or have his recovery plan implemented, he began to distrust everyone because he was lied to. He was told if he could be strong and ask for help for his mental well being, he would get that help he needed. Including medical insurance, staying on his death benefits, as he began the task of working through his unwell emotional state of mind. Instead.. it’s .Dec, of 2022, and he’s been denied that help he was promised.. for going on 3 years now. He has had no access to basic necessities of life Llewelyn heat and hot water for over 2 years now. We still sit on a cold home with no ability to go on. Christine Cutter has been the judge when the hearing was held on Dec. 1,2022. I as his mom, am his guardian, because of his unwell emotional status and am supposed to be with him during any questioning, of anyone about his trauma, as it has been the consistent reasoning for him to have an emotional breakdown. Crying, throwing up etc. traumatic events for him to process! This is what happened the days before this last hearing, and the day of, as well as this time after while we wait to see if his life is or is not, going to recover. He deserves the help and his life depends on one person now. All I can do is hope she, (the judge) has looked over the trauma that led him to this point. Which includes denial of help so he can have the chance to recover and become a productive person with the help he needs. He cannot begin to recover if he’s regularly being guided by medical/clinical help, but then.. goes home to a home without heat and without hot water. That leaves him with no thoughts of anything else but death, which he talks about on a regular basis, He cries because he can’t put himself back into life. He never will- unless someone stands up and offers this kid the benefit of mercy and help, that he was promised. Judge Christine Cutter has the life of a traumatized boy with extreme PTSD that has been neglected by Maine and has been worsened due to the withheld help. He deserves heat, he deserves a hot shower. He deserves help. This is just a fraction of the horror and tragedy that has been put onto this child’s s shoulders. As I type, he stays in his cold room, not knowing if he will finally get help or if his life will get tossed aside again. He knows this is his last chance. Can you imagine all he’s been through since 2012 till now? This has been his nightmare. If only someone would look at his medical reports from that very doctor who was the PCP of our lost loved ones that lost yo cancer. This is the person on earth that knows the detail of everything surrounding this sad case. Please help him! Please look through these things and know that on top of this terrible trauma, has been met with neglect and more trauma as each day goes by in this child’s life with no heat and no hot water. 2 years now. He deserves help now, he is NOT IN A MENTAL PLACE TO BE IN THE WORK FIELD. If he was, he would certainly have been! He missed crucial time dealing w deaths when he was supposed to be doing what others his age were doing. Schooling /Launching. Please please help him. Truly K Puff

  2. Joyce LaRochelle says:

    Judge Cutter what about my appeal to appeal for my civil rights to have a correct record? Get ready to hear my name loud and clear!
    Soc sec labeled me falsely and for over 20 years have wasted my life cripplingly me.
    I slept on my paperwork in totes and it’s been worth it so I can stop it from happening again!!
    IGA I am coming for you!

  3. KAC says:

    When I walked into the hearing room I was extremely overwhelmed, scared, panicked, what one my call a total wreck. Judge Cutter told me things would get easier once we started and pointed out both exits to the hearing room. She told me that I am not trapped and if I needed a break I could ask. The judge was professional, direct in her questioning and spoke with a soft tone.
    At the end of my hearing judge Cutter said something along the lines of “I hope you get better or I wish you the best”. I cannot recall exactly what she said but I do remember immediately feeling like she meant every ounce of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Judge Cutter’s approval ratings have come up significantly in the last couple of years. Unfortunately she was assigned to my case when she was new and trying to make a name for herself. Reading her decision, it was obvious she was looking for reasons to deny the claim. She also didn’t give any weight to my treating doctor or evaluation exams at the VA. Very unhappy with the way she handled the case.

  5. Anonymous says:

    very Professional and Knowledgeable judge very refreshing after dealing with social security for 5 years. gave me my disability ruling without any problems. I am very happy I had her

  6. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge Cutter to be very kind and reasonable. She is extremely thorough with her questioning, but that is her job. She is a professional, and will treat you as such. She seemed interested in my case and was knowledgeable about it. Show up prepared to answer questions and be honest. After two years of being treated rather poorly by representatives who didn’t seem to care about the process, it was refreshing to sit in front of an educated Judge who took a very technical approach, looked at doctors recommendations, listened to testimony, and made a decision based on medical fact.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As very disappointed with Judges ruling. She gave no weight to my testimony or those who care for me, and gave no weight to my treating physician of 10 years report of disability. The only medical review given weight was one doctor that gave her reason to deny. She also did not review the medical file very well as she said I had no medications when the medical file clearly shows that I was on medications. With cervical and lumbar fusions and memory and cognitive issues from a brain hemmorage she feels I have enough residual capacity. The scenario she gave the employment officer did not take the full disabilities into consideration either. Seems like her low approval rate might reflect a new judge on a bench looking to make her reputation at the expense of claimants. Hope other claimants get other judges because this one is not going to consider all of your evidence. Guaranteed appeal filing for this decision and this judge is an example of what is wrong with the SSDI system. I’ve worked with judges and Lawyers for 30 years. This one is not a good one.

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