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  1. Judge Knowdell seemed genuine, but I was scheduled a hearing after filing for relief in the US District Court on a petition for writ of mandate. The petition stated I was denied my monthly SSI before I was allowed my legally mandated hearing. Therefore, the SSA should not have taken my monthly SSI for a year when I requested a hearing right away. I asked in my petition that recoupment be waived. The US District Court held a decision based on the fact a Judge, in this case Knowdell, would address this issue. Knowdell refused to address the issue, making the hearing uselesss. I made it clear it was mandated by the US District Court and he claimed it had not been raised. I pointed out that it had in fact been raised, and he would not hear it. I informed him of the exact language and page. He just told me to start the whole process over. The truth is, the SSA absolutely cannot take a person’s money on an alleged overpayment, if a person files a timely request for a hearing. The SSA took my money, and Judge Knowdell, while being pleasant, ignored the law and facts. Good luck, and people need to quit thinking a nice government official is their friend. They work for us and not vice-versa. I am headed back to the US District Judge.

  2. Jason says:

    I had my hearing yesterday and do not know my results just yet. Obviously I hope for a favorable decision but even without that I am grateful that I had this judge. He took the time to be thorough and listened to my entire situation. I have read that other judges can be quite difficult and mean, I am very happy I had this judge, regardless of my outcome.

  3. Melesa black says:

    This judge is good he listens and asks very reasonable questions. I felt he understood my situation. And was very respectful .

  4. Maria Theresa Alvarez says:

    Honorable Judge Christopher Knowdell read through my medical record, etc. I felt heard during my hearing and wept during my reading of his judgment, he knew!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge was both professional and genuine, he asked the right questions, so simple replies were possible. I was very nervous prior to hearing, but things ran smoothly, this judge made the process comfortable.

  6. Valerie says:

    I had my hearing 07/06/2016 I still don’t know what the decision will be but I can say that this judge was willing to listen to me and my concerns and weather or not I get a favorable decision from judge Knowdell he’s a very good judge as he’s the 2nd judge I’ve seen as last year I had Judge Blume and honestly comparing both it seems as if Blume didn’t take his time or either he had way too many cases to do and gave any decision and with Knowdell he actually listened to me lIke no one has and with my situations I couldn’t help but cry cuz he made me feel like their is at least one person that honestly understands what I’m going thru.

    I give Judge Knowdell 100 stars regardless if he denies me…I give him that amount of stars jus for his time and service he gave me !

    Valerie R.

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