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  1. L Davis says:

    I was very worried about my hearing after talking to the lawyer who told me that this judge was very difficult and we would have to appeal once he denied my case. My hearing was on the phone and the judge hammered my lawyer for not knowing about all my medical problems and not getting all my records to him before the hearing. When it came time for the judge to talk to me he was a completely different person and was kind and understanding. He clearly knew about my disability and even explained my diabetics to me better than the doctor. He agreed I am disabled and will get my benefits.

  2. Professional Attorney says:

    Extremely professional. Very sensitive to ensuring a full and fair hearing. Can definitely emphasize with clients. Work history reflecting strong work motivation is a major factor in credibility determination, particularly with younger individuals. Is not fond of illegal drug use/abuse. Make sure you know your case very well (e.g. exhibit and page numbers). If your client’s testimony is not true, you will lose. Do not B.S. this Judge, as he is very intelligent and will call you out on it and you will not feel too professional.

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