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  1. Sandra Sandmeyer says:

    I found ALJ Messina to be very thorough and he considered all of the facts in my younger claimant’s case. He dictated the decision right there in the courtroom and it was in my mailbox the next day. That’s pretty awesome service!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have handled dozens of cases before Judge Messina. He is one of the most fair ALJs around. There are no pre determinations of clients and he follows the law. It does not matter if you are black, white, blue, or orange. It does not matter if your an SSI only case or someone who has worked for 30 years. If your records and testimony prove your case he will award benefits and if it doesn’t then he won’t. We need more ALJ’s like this. He gets it right more often then not and anyone who says otherwise was probably unprepared or just has an axe to grind.

  3. Mia says:

    He sounds like a fair Judge. I hope I’ll get him on my case.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am an attorney, and I must say that this ALJ is incompetent. He took more than 90 days to finally make a decision on my case, and did not want to approve the fee agreement without giving any reason for it. He then asked me to write a fee petition which he did not want to approve. He further stated that I was only going to get one payment that would cover claimant and all of her dependents, which is against Social Security standards. An attorney gets pay for each separate claim, his client and the auxiliaries (dependents). I had to appeal his decision on this matter to the Chief Regional, and won. I finally got all the attorney fees that were due. This case was seen in January and I finally got paid in August. He needs to be instructed on Social Security guidelines.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Messina,

    I must say seemed to be very attentive and compassionate towards myself and my disability case. He listened and made me feel very comfortable and at ease even though I was extremely nervous!

    My attorney on the other hand, my God was he awful, but I have to give all the Glory and Honor to God for placing me in the hands of Judge Messina, may God bless you sir!

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