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  1. JW says:

    I must agree. I assume all these 5 stars are because of approvals mine included. This entire process is just awful and takes much too long. This judge certainly doesn’t act above those he is judging I will say that. Certainly a nice change compared to the few other judges I’ve had to see in my 60 years on the planet.

  2. Kim says:

    Awesome judge!!!

  3. Whisper says:

    I had my hearing back on April 5th. I suffer from a host of issues that cause me to have serious issues with both paying attention and short term memory. While I am still waiting for my outcome I can say that this judge is a good man. He was patient and kind. Even when I struggled with remembering what was asked he took the time to say it again and didn’t get short with me for doing so. That is a rare thing for me at this point in my life. My doctors, friends, families, even my lawyers have a tendency to get frustrated after the second or third time they have to repeat the question because I cannot remember what was asked a few short minutes before. I feel like even if it is a no that he would at least have given me a fair shake based on how he was during my hearing. I have been dealing with ssdi for almost three years and he is the first time I have felt as if I was actually heard and my illnesses reviewed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had a hearing in front of Judge Van Dyck today. He hasn’t rendered his decision yet, but he was very kind and did not try to intimidate me as he asked me questions. He allowed time to answer and when I would forget, he didnt’ get frustrated with me.

    He was very kind and professional.

  5. Michael Cates says:

    I was blessed to get this awesome judge. I knew this Judge had a heart and compassion and a real understanding of the word disabled. I was approved after about 6 weeks after the hearing. I was so relieved with all the problems I am having. I just feel like God was watching over me when I got Judge Christopher Van Dyck..Thank you so much Judge if you ever read this.

  6. Stephen says:

    I want to personally thank Judge Van Dyke for his professional and courteous manner during my hearing.
    I am a very introverted and have never handled situations such as this hearing without great stress even before my injury and was absolutely sick with worry over this event for two weeks prior. He introduced himself with a smile and went about the business at hand without intimidation or verbal combat and left me feeling like a person, something even some of my doctors have not.
    I have not received a decision on my case, but feel that I at least will receive fair and honest consideration, something I feel I have not always received during my three years of dealing with Social Security.
    Sincere thanks.

  7. Mason says:

    He’s a real good judge. made me feel comfortable and real knowledgeable I was approved after 4 months so he takes a little longer but I think he really does his studying about u before he gives an answer and he’s nice. Thank u judge van dyck.

  8. Teresa Lee Wright says:

    February 5, 2014. Today I had a ALJ hearing with Christopher Van Dyck. I had been overly anxious before going into the hearing. As I sat down in the hearing office, Judge Van Dyck swore me in. I just want to post that he’s a Awesome ALJ. During my whole time in the hearing, he never once made me feel uncomfortable. He’s polite, and very nice. I thank God for giving me this knowledgable Judge. When time came to end the hearing, I left feeling good. My name is Teresa L. Wright, Haltom City Texas.

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