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  1. Sabrina Huggins says:

    I don’t know the outcome of my case yet which is why I’m leaving a review now. I feel it’s more honest and accurate, as it would be easily swayed if based upon the final decision. This is ONLY a review of Judge Claire Strong, as based upon MY opinions from my SSI hearing.

    Judge Strong is a very fair judge. Her Honor was very patient with me, as I was EXTREMELY nervous & spoke a bit too much at first. She was NOT rude nor harsh. She simply said, “Just relax. We’ve got a lot to discuss & we’ll get to all of that.” Her tone did relax me a bit; as much as anything can in that immensely intimidating setting.

    Judge Strong allowed me to elaborate on a few things & she never cut me off. But mind you, I kept my “elaborations” to a minimum. My attorney prepped me to stick to yes & no answers. However, SOME points required details, which I was allowed to present; but I did so only a few times, keeping brevity in mind.

    I feel I was very fortunate in my assignment of ALJ, especially after reading some of the other reviews. But please dont misunderstand me; Judge Strong is very professional & expects preparedness & a respectful presence! Remember…even if you ARE having a virtual hearing, they CAN see you and your surroundings. Most importantly; once you’re sworn in YOU ARE IN A COURT OF LAW! Even if you ARE in you Lay-Z Boy!

    Judge Strong does not seem jaded nor personally judgemental. I truly believe Her Honor comes to her decisions with great consideration of the evidence and without personal bias.

    In my opinion, if you are assigned ALJ Claire Strong, you have what we applicant’s call “a good judge.”

    Good luck, keep safe and God bless!

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