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  1. WCG says:

    Talking but not listening, I thought thats why its called a “hearing”.


    Awful judge. He’s not going by the medical informations, only what he thinks. Also I don’t know if he was military but he was biased telling me what I did and how I worked which he had no clue on what I did. All branches are not the same. He is very argumentative and only wants to be heard and not listen to actually what someone has to say.

  3. Lakeisha says:

    This judge is awful. He need to be taken from the damn bench. I have Lupus and having the worst time in life and he denied my case. He don’t deserve not a half of a star. I know what I go through.

  4. DS says:

    This judge is worthless. He dismisses all medical recommendations and records and rules the way he thinks. He should be removed

  5. Mike Kinds says:

    Hello please i see this judge got a very low approval rating will someone please tell me how this judge is i see him in Januray!

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