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  1. Ashley Davis says:

    I”m still not sure if I was approved or not.. however Clint Dorman was extremely nice and professional…
    If you are lucky enough to get him as your judge he will help your nerves feel at ease…

    I had my hearing a few days ago.. it was nice to be in front of a nice person.

  2. Unknown says:

    Judge Clint Dorman is the nicest judge I ever met. Most of the time when you go in front of judges you are so nervous. Judge Clint Dorman makes you feel so comfortable and at ease .To get judge Clint Dorman is a blessing from god.

  3. Jon Welborn says:

    Judge Dorman has a high degree of integrity, professionalism, ethics, and overall legal ability. We are lucky to have him as an Administrative Law Judge in North Carolina.

  4. Mrs Johnson says:

    I went before Judge Clint Dorman at the end of September 2016. Before he proceeded, he told me to just relax and get comfortable. That right away, set my mind at ease. He allowed my attorney to ask me questions regarding my disabilities. Afterwards, he asked me a few questions and then asked the VRS Representative a few questions. The entire process took only 28 minutes. He then told me he would make his decision by tomorrow. In my opinion Judge Dorman was very professional, very compassionate, and very thorough. If you are truly disabled, this is the judge you want!

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