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  1. Denver NC says:

    I have went in front of this judge twice now for my disability and think it is unfair of him to judge my case from my last hearing and not take into consideration what is going on with my health now. He thinks he pays for disability benefits,but in all reality I paid into social security so therefore I am paying my own disability benefits. I will keep fighting all this and will one day win my case.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge does not want to help people. He don’t even listen to the whole story. He had his mind made up before I went in and when I tried to give details of my situation and the daily struggles I face due to my disability he acted as if i was lying. I felt humiliated. Why do they let judge a that dont know what all i have been thru and how I hurt on a daily basis do this to people. Now I will lose all i have. I had such high hopes. I figured after hearing and seeing my file I would definetely win. He turned me down just like that. I think it’s because I’m white. Only reason I can think of

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfair racist judge won’t give a white person a fair chance

  4. Nope says:

    He did not read my file. I had several surgeries and more in the future. He said he did not believe me. Maybe if he opened my file. I almost died twice. He told me not to dare call the court if I had a question. He called me a liar. He was discriminante. He is a *******. I wish I had died instead of dealing with him. That’s how he made me feel.

  5. Not A. Fool says:

    I’ve heard others say the same about this judge and it was true in my case from 2015. Hicks does not pay one bit of attention to what your treating physicians document. The ‘experts’ who write and justify Judge Hick’s unfavorable decisions are laughable. These clowns can not be anything more than part time help from some sub standard staffing company. They take notes or maybe individual words might be a better description, from your medical records and twist them around to the point that you end up getting 25 plus pages of foolishness that in no way supports your case but only gives what looks like supportive documentation to back the unfavorable decision of Hicks. It seems to me after reading my “Hicks Unfavorable Book”, that he had already made his decision before he saw my pretty little face. Judge Hick’s fine writers/staff discredited 3 of my treating MDs. I think Hicks fancies himself a physician in addition to a judge. He does not rule by the SSA standards. Be prepared to appeal his decision and hopefully, if you have enough money, you can sue the SSA in Federal court.
    Good luck to all of you who get this rascal.

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