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  1. Judge Constance Carter rocks, she is an awesome lady and Judge. I believe thatJudge Carter makes her decisions based on Dr.’s records and you being honest about yourself So, with all being said, I know that Judge Carter deserves a 5 Star Rating!!!! ???? Love you, Judge C. Carter!!!!!

  2. Darren kitchend says:

    She hated me from the time she laid eyes on me..Didnt go by there. Own social security. Dr..She needs to look at by congress. .I also was remaned by appeals council. .she still Denied. Me Didnt follow Appeals. Council. Instructions. If i was a different. Race i would have been approved. All medical. Records text book ssa qualifications. ..If congress. Read this she. Needs to be impeached

  3. Melissa says:

    I love Judge Constance Carter!!! She took the time and listened to my lawyer and I. If I didn’t understand something, she explained it to me. She approved me for full benefits. God bless her. I really would advise people to always pray and have faith!!

  4. Robert Brian Harrell says:

    If you get this judge for your disability, my advice is to change it somehow. She denied me disability when I was assaulted by a cab driver. I am half blind and can’t obtain a drivers license. I also have mental health issues from my brain injury. She threw out all evidence supporting my claim. I served my country four years with honor. The stress that I have endured because of this lady should be a crime. I would sue her, but you can’t sue ssa judges. She is a horrible human being. Please stay clear and good luck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe Judge Carter is the meanest woman I’ve had the displeasure to meet. She totally disregards evidence and formed an opinion before the hearing. I believe that medical professionals should be making decisions. She is delusional and made up information in my final report.
    I knew it would be bad when the person in front of me came out cursing. He was disabled but she does not feel that benefits are justified.

  6. Richard says:

    Judge C.Carter has a low approval rating. It is not the lowest but it is low in comparison to others. I found her to be objective and probing. I found her to be receptive to accurate honesty. I had to settle for a later on-set date but I fault primary care for that.

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