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  1. I.M. Lawyer says:

    Easygoing pleasant judge. He does quite a bit of questioning both of the claimant and the VE. Conservative in terms of awards. Tough on younger claimants who don’t grid.

  2. Virgil B Linder says:

    I would like that think judge Peterson he was a good judge to me I had been before judge Chris golden and Chris golden treated me like shit I was out of work for 8 years before I received the check and the only reason I received a check will do the judge Peterson I was working two jobs at a time when I hurt my back and judge golden sign my papers a day late and it kicked out again disability he had no type of sympathy for anyone so I’m glad he’s retired once again thank you judge Peterson for being understanding

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge is a joke. He asked the vocational specialist about jobs for me, the vocational specialist came up with 3 jobs, from the entire list and then proceeded to tell the judge that I would not be able to sustain employment at these jobs. These are the very 3 jobs he listed of all the jobs in the US, on my denial letter. Why was the vocational specialist even there?
    Half my records weren’t in my case review for the appeals counsel. I had been on my last job for 20 years. He even remarked on my work ethic. What a joke. He would not hire me with my disabilities. Why is he even on a bench?

  4. C U Soon says:

    This is NOT a judge nor A MAN OR DECENT HUMAN BEING.
    Had a video hearing with this ***** ** ****.
    Seems he finds humor in completely destroying someones family and life that was already bad enough.
    Nothing but an oxygen thief.

  5. Protest callthenews says:

    People please know your rights.. We will parish for a lack of knowledge…
    The judges will be kind and they will appear to be concern, but truthful they are not.. They will fixed your file to agree with what they want to say…
    Justice is not for all.. You have have 15 years of treatment that shows the illness continue to get worse , but he will find one thing out of 100 years of medical records to base his ruling off.
    People read your rights, go to your congressman , right the president about how corrupt SSI system is..
    I am not blaming the judges because the are a victim of this system too. The have to go against the ethic training and deny you so their number of approval is low.. They want to continue to feed their family..

    The best way to expose corruption in the SSI system is to take it to new press , protest, have rallies until your cry is heard..

  6. Duane B says:

    Still waiting on final decision because my case went to “Quality Review” after the Judge’s decision. Judge Peterson helped me to feel comfortable at my hearing. Do yourself a favor and be completely honest. Give him the benefit of the doubt because I got the feeling he knows when you’re blowing smoke. I was “totally” honest about my being Bipolar and how it’s been hard for me to keep a job because of my mood swings and personality disorder. I was so nervous. I take different medications ( 7 ) to manage my Bipolar. He asked a lot of questions but I didn’t feel irritated as I normally do ( part of my illness) when someone asks me ” a lot” of questions. I’m also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and my illness has been really ******* my relationships with family, friends and employers. Because Judge Peterson really was kind respectful and courteous, I didn’t feel that way at all. Even though his case approval rating is less than 50%, I really feel good about my outcome.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We are still waiting for a decision, but he was very polite and had reviewed the file prior to the hearing. He treats both the claimant and attorneys with respect.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Petersen asked questions, but he allowed me time to respond. He asked another question if he didn’t fully understand my initial response. He was mannerable and did not intimidate me as the others I have read about. He did not talk down to me and I did not feel degraded. He was not rude and was very professional.

  9. Anonymous says:

    judge petersen is working at a fantastic pace on the backlog of cases.he is commended for his work ethic , only being on the job for one month…

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