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  1. Dan says:

    Judge Boren is incompetent and disrespectful and is obviously either lacking in brain power or his brain doesn’t function at a high enough level to warrant being a judge. My disability is an open and shut case, that’s taken 3 years to finally get to the point where this stuck up POS either can’t read or doesn’t speak English and thats my problem. I feel bad for anyone that’s had their case dismissed or rejected by this moron. People like him should not make personal determinations, such as the determination on my case that is not based on scientific facts and doctors opinions. He is a judge, not a medical professional. What a complete waste of time and space this human is.

  2. Marty says:

    Thank the good lord above it was Judge Boren that heard my case. I just learned today I was approved. After 28 years in EMS and Firefighter work my spine and joints were shot. I am so thankful that Judge Boren is a fair and compassionate soul for us that have no other choice but to go on disability.

  3. Domonique Cooper says:

    Judge Boren was extremely compassionate and fair. He treated me with a high level of respect and dignity. He was punctual and efficient. Great judge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Boren is a fair and considerate judge who delivers prompt and thoughtful case decisions. Judge Boren appreciates thorough, well-organized and straightforward presentations of Claimants’ evidence. It was a pleasure to be in his courtroom. Thank you, Judge Boren.

  5. W. Mcmillan says:

    This is a kind and fair man. I was so fearful. My hearing was longer than most, but he waded through my tears and nervousness. I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I did get my disability.

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