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  1. Rilriia says:

    As a taxpayer, I am horrified by a story I am hearing on the phone from a dear and cherished friend with seizures that prevent them from working and the horror story of Judge Weaver’s indifference and piggish intolerance, even dismissing medical records.

    Two years of medical records….

    This judge needs debenched and is grossly unqualified for the human race, let alone a legal judgeship.

  2. Anon says:

    Judge Weaver might pay a severe case which meets Listing level. Anything less than Listing level doesn’t have a prayer. Hence, she has a dismal 14 percent approval rating. The average ALJ approval rating is 45 percent. 100 claimants walk in, 86 go away denied. How do you like those odds?

  3. Anonymous SSA Attorney says:

    I respect and appreciate an Adiministrative law judge that permits counsel to make a contenious argument on behalf of a claimant but still presents in an objective and judicial manner. We may not always agree on the outcome or the process but we can be professional and respectful. Honored to have appeared in her Court. I belive Judge Weaver is balanced like the scales of justice. In my mind this is one of the highest compliments any judge can receive.

  4. Rosa Gilbert says:

    Best judge ever !
    I provided with 5+yrs of medical records along with my personal testimony statement.
    Most of my physicians at the time ( 2019 ) appeared more concerned i applied for disability
    ( entitlement presumptions and poor misconceptions ) , than they were with getting proper diagnostics to figure out whats wrong with me .
    I fought tooth and nail to receive proper and much needed diagnostics with doctors and medicaid.
    2019 i was diagnosed with breast cancer . 2021 was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer . No pet scan was performed as a baseline . My request was denied x4.
    The medical field has failed me but the justice system and support has prevailed .
    My gratitude and respect to honorable judge Mrs Weaver.
    You Literally saved my life !

  5. ken says:

    i hate weaver she has denied me so many times i have paid in till i get hurt when i drove wreckers and got hit by a drunk driver and got a steel cage in my neck ,2 knee surgerys,heart problems ,lower back problems from the drunk driver and now i have liver damage due to the pain meds for many years due to pain and surgerys and that bitch wants to keep denied me oh and now fibromyalgia and has dr that say i cant work but i cant draw what ive paid in .i keep getting told they dont give it to people under 50 that bull shit she can kiss my ass that stupid bitch and on top of that put me down in court about she started asking me how i have sex and i said on my back lol but that bitch can go to fucken hell i hope like hell someone does her or her family the same way

  6. Crystal James says:

    Well I’m worried to death now
    Covid 19 case Sept 2020

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Cynthia G Weaver received my request for off the record, she had all of my information medical, my backup proof of things I disputed, and all my work credits were correct. She paid no attention to a previous judge, didn’t care about real evidence and what my many illnesses have done to me and my life. She couldn’t have had my file for over 1/2 day and probably didn’t read it because within the next day my online social security account said medical decision made(I thought it was in my favor), but two days later it said claim denied(ssdi) and case closed. She ignored my request to keep my hearing as scheduled and if she could not return a favorable decision it would go on. She closed it, and now I have nothing to show for all the credits I have earned. Can’t get anything now because my credits have expired for this time frame. I am not sure how she gets away with being so unfair, but the comments left by everyone else about her show the same thing. Maybe she needs to be looked at., her approval rating is the lowest of any ODAR Judge-16%. You have officially ruin my life Judge Weaver

  8. David B. McCulley says:

    Dishonest, Lying, Corrupt, vicious, unfair, federaly appointed judge that treated my case with NO concerns except her own. Weaver dismissed reports from all doctors and testimony from myself and witnesses that spoke on my behalf. She is nothing more than a federally appointed bully… Before my case was dismissed by Weaver and SSD I was diagnosed with “Occipital Neuralgia” by the VA with a 90% disability rating and approved for full disability by the military. Those records were submitted to Weaver and the SSD Appeals Council and Weaver and SSD refused to consider or review my New evidence in my case and closed my case forever. SHAME ON YOU Cynthia G. Weaver!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very unfair and completely overturned a fully favorable by illegally disregarding 4 of my doctors diagnosis. Now my condition is worse and still waiting for appeals. Has zero regard for anyones health.

  10. Anonymous says:

    She is very unfair,and makes her on mind up without even considering the medical information.

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