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  1. Done Wrong says:

    She does not follow the law, she thinks she knows more about me than my doctors. I feel she discriminated against me because of my race and gender, and one non-favorable report in my file by some biased workman’s comp evaluator working for an insurance company despite me winning that case in lieu of his report because she went to Kansas University with that non-favorable doctor. She should have excused herself from the case. it’s a fix based on bias, personal opinion, and affiliation, not on law, or objective facts.

  2. C.J says:

    I felt that Judge Hale was compassionate about my condition and what life is like for me and that I feel her decision was true and just, thank you Judge Hale

  3. MS T says:

    As to my opinion of Judge Hale, I think she treated me fairly and seemed empathetic, but the evidence she was given was flawed. I am in the process of appeal her unfavorable decision. I don’t know how folks with an even worse case of mental disability gets through this. I’m in year four of this and I don’t think I can take much more.

  4. Kelval says:

    I liked this Judge a lot. She took time to listen to my case. Really made me feel comfortable even though I was in a lot of pain. I never felt I had to convince her of my condition. She has my records, has seen enough people and I believe she knows by looking at people who is really being truthful and needs the SSDI.

  5. Charlotte Mueller says:

    She is a good judge she made me feel that she was listening to every thing i said

  6. No one says:

    She is a pathetic judge who doesn’t go by the law.

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