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  1. C.J says:

    I felt that Judge Hale was compassionate about my condition and what life is like for me and that I feel her decision was true and just, thank you Judge Hale

  2. MS T says:

    As to my opinion of Judge Hale, I think she treated me fairly and seemed empathetic, but the evidence she was given was flawed. I am in the process of appeal her unfavorable decision. I don’t know how folks with an even worse case of mental disability gets through this. I’m in year four of this and I don’t think I can take much more.

  3. Kelval says:

    I liked this Judge a lot. She took time to listen to my case. Really made me feel comfortable even though I was in a lot of pain. I never felt I had to convince her of my condition. She has my records, has seen enough people and I believe she knows by looking at people who is really being truthful and needs the SSDI.

  4. Charlotte Mueller says:

    She is a good judge she made me feel that she was listening to every thing i said

  5. No one says:

    She is a pathetic judge who doesn’t go by the law.

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