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  1. Jamie says:

    Judge Cynthia Hoover is a judge I hope you never have for a hearing. I had a remand from the Appeals Council for a second time. My doctor notes stated everything to find me disabled. The treatments I’ve tried for the last five years mean nothing to her. She will take pages and pages of doctor notes and pick the One thing that she can use against you. You can have an attorney and you wait for years but unless you’re dying, don’t plan on this judge to ever help. I have struggled for years with pain and I have pages of documents of different treatments I’ve tried. But because I’m not dying she will deny you. I hope that anyone that gets this judge a miracle. That’s would you need. People that suffer with pain that doesn’t kill you will be denied by Cynthia Hoover. They have bets who can deny the most cases. So good luck to you if you get this judge and are not dying for you will be denied. God knows I have paid the n the system and my husband even more. She is the most unfair judge ever. If you made any mistakes in your life she will bring it up and pay no attention to the good you have done in your life.

  2. Jamie says:

    Terry Haley Jr. I would like to hear your outcome if you don’t mind. Thanks
    Jamie Nunley

  3. Terry Haley Jr says:

    I had a remand hearing with Judge Hoover is 11/22. As most have stated, she ignores all evidence in the medical records and went with the state doctors. I’m a 100% PT disabled veteran. I was also medically retired from my job at the VA hospital due to PTSD. I had a Dr state I was unemployable. I’m on medication but she still denied me. I appealed and the AC DESTROYED her decision stating it didn’t match the evidence and she didn’t listen to none of the instructions given. The case was remanded Dec. 2022 and now waiting for the hearing date. This will be my 4th hearing with 3 different judges. The remand before this one was by Norman Bennett, horrible judge that also didn’t listen to the AC instructions either. He retired so I got Judge Hoover! We will see how this turns out!

  4. I had my disability hearing last week with Judge Cynthia Hoover. I had to travel from southern Utah to Las Vegas Nevada. The trip there was very difficult for me but I had support from my family. I thought Judge Hoover was fair and listened very well to my case and past and current physical and mental limitations. Unfortunately, I cried through the entire hearing which I didn’t want to do. Although, I have no idea how this will turn out or what her decision will be, I feel it’s just as important to leave a review or comment not strictly based on the outcome. My only real concern at my hearing was my representation or what I feel was a lack of. I felt I could have been guided or that my attorney would say something. I didn’t feel he knew my case or was Ill prepared. I guess this statement would be for another comment or review to whom this person is. Therefore, my disappointment is geared towards my representation of my case not the Judge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She’s a very thorough Judge. She takes her time making her decision and she really does her research. You can tell that she works very hard to make a fair decision. This Judge takes her job seriously.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yet another low pay anti-claimant ALJ at the Las Vegas OHO/ODAR. I’m sure she laughs with Norman Bennett and Gary Vanderhoof on how many claimants they deny and how they don’t even read the medical records. “Hey we just put the denial in and the decision writers will find what they need to adhere to our decision”

    What a joke SSA has become. It needs TOTAL reform. To allow lifetime appointments of biased republican old farts like Cynthia Hoover, Norman Bennett, and Gary Vanderhoof is a disgrace to the American taxpayer.

  7. Amber says:

    How is she my son was diagnosed with adhd mood disorder and odd even his school said with his disability it affects his learning what do u think her discission will be and i hve an attorney

  8. Brian Pfeifer says:

    I had my disability hearing earlier today, so my review on this judge is not convaluted by anger or bias due to her decision on my case.

    Judge Hoover was actully nothing like others say in her reviews. She was fair, repectfull, understandig and unbiased. She actully gave two hypothetical work situations that were balanced and not infavor of only the state rep, but also for me. I advise before seeing her if she is picked to review your case that you dont use her denial rate or former reviews to establish a opinon. I did and I was terrified and pleasently suprised once I met her.

    Even judges are human. If we are nasty to them they are going to be nasty to us.

  9. Anonymous says:

    She uses her state doctors opinions and ignores all others. For example, without getting specific, she said that since the state doctors said I could do something makes it true. However doctors of mine have said different (who have nothing to gain by telling the truth). Another example is her outright lies. For example, something in my medical records as fact, was said only to be testimony. Something very important. If you have this judge make sure you have a lawyer and be prepared to be brow beaten (phrase) in court. Anything you say will be instantly challenged by her – because she instantly disbelieves anything you say. Her goal in doing this is to intimidate you so you change your testimony and sound inconsistent, when in fact, it’s akin to interrogation techniques. Rather than being inquisitive, she acts as if you are in criminal court. She is not a good judge & that is why her denial rate is high.

  10. Douglas Fenton says:

    Judge Hoover is very biased towards denying people the disability insurance they worked and paid for. The way she does it is by using selective facts creating falsehoods in her finding. In my case she quoted a 2nd assistant to the surgeon, a throat doctors I seen years ago, fragments in medical records before the onset date, and 2 doctors she enlisted to review facts she sent them that never examined me first hand. She did not even refer to any statements made by the surgeon that performed my 3rd and most recent spin surgery or any of the pain management doctors I have seen every month for the last 6 years. What is especially unfair is the falsehoods in her findings she never asked about when we had our live session. Most of these things can easily be disproven but the only option is to write to this place in Virginia and wait a year and half. Meanwhile I am completely unable to work now, cannot not even sit in a chair for more then an hour, can not stand very long. One of my largest disappointments in life is the social security system, I received statements for years that said if you become disabled you will receive X per month. The system is not even consistent within its self, previous to my hearing the letter said my condition was severe but might improve. It has continued to get worse. Somehow judge Hoover concluded that I can sit or stand up to 6 or 8 hours a day. I can do nothing even close to this on a consistent basis. Even if true can you really have a job, function at home (like getting dressed, eat), drive somewhere – within the 6 to 8-hour function window. The window is really closer to 2 hours per day. Feeling depressed. Its not safe for me to drive in traffic with my right leg issues. All judge Hoover would need to do to decide differently is to read the notes from current pain management that says pain not under control even with drugs, read where the surgeon post surgery talks about my limited mobility. Look at the case as a whole with 6 years of pain management, physical therapy, 3 surgeries, many injections, countless other tests and procedures I have tried. All without success. Judge Hoover just selects facts to support turning you down, does not even acknowledge or address facts that supports approval from much more creditable sources such as the neurosurgeon that last work on you, or the pain management doctors that see you monthly.

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