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  1. Breezy says:

    Judge Brown also denied me and said the same thing that my pain didn’t add up to my medical record. I don’t think it’s fair for someone who is not a doctor to tell you whether you are disabled or not. My illness progressed significantly while I was waiting and going through the process of getting my disability case heard as it has now been 1.5 years since I started. Just because someone doesn’t “look” disabled doesn’t mean they aren’t. I’ve worked ever since I was 15-16 years old and have paid into the system but yet I was denied. I hope the judge sleeps well at night knowing she has put a lot of disabled citizens in a position where they can’t support their basic needs because they can’t work but can’t collect on the money they paid into over the years. Seems so unfair.

  2. Sweetlady76 says:

    I know everyone have a job to do, but it’s shouldn’t be up to someone that’s not a doctor to judge what you are feeling…I don’t have insurance and doctor visit can be a lot when paying cash out the pocket with no job and not being able work…I worked as a CNA for over 15 years and it really put hurting on my back and my arm….I am praying for better days cause their days I can’t get out of bed but my God, He pull me through it all, I just pray for understanding and for the people to have a heart, cause I’m not promise to make it to I’m 50 next year not promise to me or anyone I just wanna get my health back on track.

  3. SweetTasty5 says:

    She denied me & am disabled, but God!! Will deal with her & repay her evil 4 my good….You don’t deny peoples just because you can….She looked @ me & told me that my pain didn’t add up 2 my medical record & she was so wrong with all the chronic pain along with other problems that I suffer with….I don’t think that you can look @ a person & tell them what kind of pain they are in & what kind of pain they don’t have….I feel she judged me wrong & by that being said, she will be judged according 2 God’s will & when he judge her can’t no 1 undo it…..He’s going 2 stand on his word & his will is going 2 be done….I have worked all my life, every since high school & when I became injured on my job & disabled, I worked as long as I could suffering in a great deal of pain, until I wss unable 2 bear it anymore(& I told her this)so I ended up having 2 leave out, because I became disabled….But enough said!! Except 4 God!! Step in & judge her according 2 the way she judged me….

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