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  1. Taurus Downie says:

    Bitch is garbage. She doesn’t look at your case. Admitted I had severe PTSD, severe depression, adjustment disorder, histronic borderline narcicssitic traits, a severe sleep disorder…then does a cessation on the benefits I was drawing for 8 years. Her decision was that i was not disabled to go to work..as long as I did’nt have contact with my supervisor, no contact with my co workers, no contact with the customers, and whatever kind of change I needed would be introduced to the job. Total bullshit. I agree with the previous comment that she may be racist. If she is not racist…she is definetly incompetent. Totally disregarded my paperwork from Veterans Affairs. In fact her statement about VA declaring me unemployable was and i quote “the VA finding that a individual is unemployable is not the same as a step 4 or 5 social security finding and the undersigned is not obliged to make the same finding”. My lawyers almost shit themselves. The case is in appeal right now. This bitch is bad news. After seeing the other comment by an African American Im inclined to believe she may be racist. She is definetly incompetent and a total asshole.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Talked a good show in court but did not do proper research on my case. B.S. artist.

  3. Rhonda Kay Smith says:

    Fair,Compassionate and Professional Judge. Thank u Judge Stalley!

  4. zanathious horn says:

    In fair to Africa american men. Young who have worked their whole life. Did not give me a chance. Already had her mind made up . Before I sat down. Called me a fry cook. 34 years I worked as a cook. I am no fry COOK. How did I get to he airing. I said the bus. You’re Paine is not that bad. Then. How else was I was to get to the hearing. Did not stand a chance. Based on Race..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very fair and compassionate. She gives the claimant time to express thmselves

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