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  1. Margaret Gibson says:

    My records speak for themselves. However, when a judge makes decisions based on how he chooses to rewrite records – I take issue with that. His warbled decision has left me desolate. The sad thing is that he will continue this behavior as long as he is in that position. It’s scary to know he controlled not only my well being but countless others, as his record states.
    Perhaps a lesson in the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest (which is what I actually suffered) would be a great start. Then let’s teach him about the psychological after effects of said experience along with an extreme medical history of cardiac issues that was also voided to said judge but never once mentioned in decision. Or how about the fact that I did not smoke for 15-20 years @2 packs a day, as he claimed. Or the fact that I wasn’t admitted to the hospital a few months later for a “panic attack” but for Ventricular Tachycardia which is a constant extremely rapid heart best – and into open heart surgery within a week thereafter. (240 beats a minutes for episodes of 2-3 minutes at a time) but that’s a panic attack??? Getting psychological treatment is difficult with no insurance and not even being able to determine all physical issues. Back issues are difficult to prove when doctor no longer has records available and no “surgical” treatment” was received – Ben after informed said judge that due to pretty much lifelong use of anticoagulants tends to dissuade certain surgical procedures. Really? These are just a few examples of his inability to correctly interpret and understand medical terminology, which makes me ask…..WHY IS HE STILL EMPLOYED???

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think he is Bias and he does not take the time to review the facts of his cases. I have been before this judge 3 times and had medical records proving my disability and he denied me within 10 days and closed out my case. The reason I feel like he has his picks, is because I filed before the appeals counsel and they reopened my case, sent it back, and told him to review it again.

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