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  1. Wangoolo Francis tom says:

    My hearing was fair and I believe she is wants to do everything after hearing from both sides. She promised to come back to me very soon hopefully that’s when I have to go surgery.
    This is a matter of keeping life because if death happens the claimant Is void of compensation.

  2. Liam J Deep says:

    All she does is granting continuations again and again even when the cases were with OALJ for more than 18months (because of the fact that parties couldnt reach any agreement), and she just ignores the fact that the claimant has been suffering and needs her to act. She just doesnt want to deal with cases.

  3. Blacklist From CRST Trucking says:

    Judge Dana Rosen definitely lets you know she’s boss. But was fair in my ruling. Especially given the fact I represented myself and never been to court before. She can be short but is very fair when both parties(my employer) leaving feeling the decision should have went better. She gets my vote. I’m ready to close this chapter.

  4. Texas Walker says:

    Uggh!!! What a despicable human being… A total jerk at my hearing for no reason. Ignores evidence and takes months to make a decision.

  5. Greensboro Rep says:

    She is an unfair ALJ, who is close-minded, does not listen to pertinent testimony and constantly restricts questioning. Personality-wise, she is incredibly rude, interrupts and is argumentative, even catty over things, such as semantics during questioning, and anything petty. She loves to show whose in control. I respect her position but not people who act like this. She even tried to say my client needed to lose weight! My client was barely 10 or 15 lbs overweight— and behind the bench, she looks at least 50 lbs overweight. with that fat rosy face of hers She’s one of those people who use their power to be mean because they are powerless and feel worthless in their personal life.

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