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  1. Howard Carter says:

    I completely understand your pain Harriet! Keep your head up and don’t give up! You have value and a purpose for being here! The Lord has a way of bringing redemption.

  2. Kevin says:

    6 months since hearing and still no answer. I was told today that it is in the edit stage and that it could take another 6 months which will be over a year before a get a decision letter. Just where and who Has the over site of the ALJ’S?

  3. Harriet L Spence says:

    If one should scroll to the end of this page, he/she would notice that the very first comment was posted in 2012 and continues to present day. There is not one single comment regarding Mincey until 10/24/18 at 0213. Ironically, that comment was posted only two days following my own, dated 10/22/18. The “claimant” goes entirely above and beyond to praise this judge, even mentioning her name seven times throughout a very brief post in an effort to contradict my post made previously. Yet, cowardly, doesn’t post their name. This is no coincidence, but of course, anyone with common sense should acknowledge that. Therefore, I will now end this post, as one should gather a very clear conclusion to this statement. “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time”. ~Abraham Lincoln~

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing this past July in front of Judge Mincey. I found the whole process prior to my hearing, the most stressful, confusing, uncomfortable situation I have endured in many years. Judge Mincey, I feel was very clear, concise on what I needed to do during my hearing. Judge Mincey was very patient, and understanding as to my break downs during my hearing. Judge Mincey often asked me if I needed a moment to compose myself. I had, 10 days prior, buried my eldest sister, unbeknownst to Judge Mincey. Judge Mincey continued with the hearing, even though I was having a very difficult time holding it together. I found her very compassionate, understanding, patient, respectful, and further elaborated when I was sincerely confused about some of the terminology. Honestly, whether I was granted my case or not, the process is clear as the laws that apply to all. Thank you Judge Mney, and my attorney for making sure the process was clear. The outcome of my case wasn’t the issue at hand. The treatment of an individual is what I feel, is what makes this process of the utmost importance for all involved. Thank you again.

  5. Harriet L. Spence says:

    My hearing was held on 5/29/18 before this judge for severe, disabling impairments. She was very rude, uncouth and lacked the slightest compassion or respect toward myself or my attorney. However, I was forewarned prior to the hearing of her rude conduct and demeanor toward others. Therefore, I wasn’t too surprised of the results which were posted to my SSA online account today. I am a disabled veteran with adequate information via medical records and prior work history to support the fact that I have numerous ailments to prevent myself from obtaining and withstanding gainful employment. Perhaps I lack the ability to comprehend why MY money which I paid via MY employers for nearly 30 years is not there for ME as it should be upon the onset of a disability prior to retirement! I suppose the excuse(s) shall arrive promptly via USPS unlike the determination of denial which took 5 months for her to pick and pull apart like every detail of a crime scene because that is exactly how she treated me….like a criminal! No honest, hardworking american citizen should ever have to endure years of waiting while losing everything they’ve owned and worked for, then stand before a judge only to be treated and talked down to like they’ve committed a major felony by unwillingly becoming disabled, all while having to endure the disability on top of all the agony throughout a ridiculous, unacceptable, lengthy process! I honestly believe it is a cruel and intentional act in hopes that the applicant will “give in” and go back to work despite knowing their disability will only worsen and be forced to quit as a result. Or perhaps, they simply want you to “give up” in hopes that you’ll just become a part of the “22 a day”. Lastly, I would like to add that I find it incomprehensible each and every time I read or hear about social security benefits depleting, yet, welfare, food stamps and free housing are readily available to those who have never worked, only work the bare minimum (to avoid losing benefits), or have no intention of EVER working!! Well, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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