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  1. Lisa Ashley says:

    Thank you Judge Traver for being fair. He is a very compassionate judge and just wants all the facts.

  2. Mary Wheeler says:

    Thank you, Judge Traver, for hearing my case yesterday. I was surprised you approved it on the spot, in just 15 minutes. I had been told not to expect a decision, and that I would receive a letter in 30-60 days informing me if your decision. I am very appreciative that you had already reviewed my medical records, and knew my case before I even sat down. Thanks again!

  3. TLS says:

    I believe that Judge Traver just wants all the facts yes he very vocal, but he is fair I walk out of there crying but that is because he was just telling the truth. I am happy that I was in front of him, and he is as honest as he is. HE JUST WANTS THE FACTS, so that if you are really disabled you will get the help you need. He is very different than any judge I had ever been in front of, but very thorough when trying to decide 100’s of cases. You should be so lucky to be in front of him. Thanks Judge Traver for making me open my eyes and see that I had kids to think about, and that taking care of me was important.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is EVIL! He did not follow procedure during my hearing. I was barely allowed to speak during my hearing. My rep was not allowed to speak AT ALL!! He berated, belittled and insulted me the whole time. He did not address all the medical issues I have filed for. He made things up and lied about the information received to substantiate my case. I should have been approved under Social Security Blue Books regulations for only one of my illnesses and he ignored that! He broke the law as far as I’m concerned. Pray you aren’t sent for a hearing in front of this EVIL, bitter, angry and tired old man. I’m not just angry. I haven’t exaggerated above.

  5. Nicole says:

    Judge Traver is one of the best judges on the panel. Very compassionate and understanding! I was in there maybe 20 minutes and he approved my case and told me while I was there that he approved my disability. He is a lovely Judge and I am glad that I was lucky enough to have him over everyone else in the judges panel. Look at his case approval rate.. he has the highest of all the judges and I think he is very fair!

  6. ricky says:

    i cant understand when the vocationale witness said i could not work and he stll turnrd me down

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