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  1. Zachary welliver says:

    I just got denied disability because this joke of a judge thinks I’m lying about my disability. I have 1 doctor and 2 therapist backing me up. I have 3 pages of medical records protaning to my disability and still got denied.

  2. Kesh says:

    This judge doesn’t see facts of people medical he doesn’t read what’s in file and he’s judgemental.

  3. Michelle Bitler says:

    The judge Daniel balutis was discrimination on me that iam born deaf from rubella and he say I can heard good my ears not true story and iam denied see not right so I am appeal complaints to him and mine hearing test level dB on Nov 8,1982 90DB on left ear and right ear is 86 DB in Model Secondary School For The Deaf in Washington,DC and also on Aug 18,1978 DB was 68DB right side ear and left side ear was 75 DB in Susquehanna Middle School in Harrisburg,Pa Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU).

  4. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a joke. I have multiple, chronic illnesses. My physicians say I can’t work. I’m almost 60, have prescriptions a mile long and I’m homeless because I can’t work. Evidently I need to be dead in order to be approved by this idiot. He needs to lose his job!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Total disgrace. Denies 50% of cases. With multiple medical problems that require multiple medications, I guess he still thought my 62 yr old mother is well enough to work. Fibromyalgia, heart issues, diabetes, depression, anxiety, CHF all are not enough for this guy. This guy is an ******** ******* who gets off on hurting people.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Update: I guess I just wasn’t sick enough at the time. Last week they found me face down and flat line for 10 minutes. Look at this judges statistics. I think he gets off on denying people he approves half of what everybody else does. I guess I just wasn’t dead enough for him. he needs to go and I’m going to lobby for it. I don’t want some other poor person go to what I had to do with this guy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge balutis is a joke. Waited 2 years and he cancelled 15 minutes before my hearing while I was waiting to go in. I wrote a letter of complaint to the Head judge and was rescheduled 3 months later. First words out of Judge balutis mouth was to chastise me for writing a letter to the Head judge. He denied my case even though my paperwork is impeccable and my testimony completely matched my doctors opinions. Let’s face it, he has half the approval rate and twice the denial right of any other judge. You would think somebody would look into this. He’s ruining more than my life he’s ruining other people’s lives as well.

  8. time for this guy to leave says:

    This Judge and I say that loosely is a disgrace. He has a nasty attitude and honestly I believe he hates his job. With a record of 53% denied and 27% approved, no wonder those at the ODAR office love him. He is not for the sick and should be removed ASAP.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This Judge takes no mercy on your case. Ignorant, unfair and treats your lawyer with no respect. Makes his own judgement’s on what mood he is in. Takes none of you serious injuries or Heath serious. Avoid at all costs. Uses his ego to show his unjustified judgements.

  10. Darlene says:

    I for one would be happy to have Judge Balutis presiding any case presented to the court. I find him to be reasonable, open-minded, and solution based. His presentation is with expertise, and his professionalism does not go unnoticed. I find him to be an asset to the ODAR office.

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